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September 7, 2021 Article 4 min read

The Biden administration infrastructure package represents a massive opportunity for expedited change by taking advantage of funding and incentive programs. In Automotive News, Daron Gifford discusses the impact of the new infrastructure bill for automakers and their suppliers.

Close-up view of a gas pump at a gas station.Big government spending often gets a bad rap, but there are times when it can have a truly transformative impact.

Take the massive public works program in the 1950s that built the U.S. interstate highway system. Conceived during the Cold War as a way to move military vehicles, it revolutionized the way Americans have traveled, connected, and traded ever since, and is a critical part of the continental U.S. infrastructure.

A similar push is now imminent for the auto industry as Congress weighs the Biden administration infrastructure package. Whichever version of the bill gets approved, it will rapidly accelerate the demise of the internal combustion engine and hasten the rise of electric vehicles.