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October 24, 2019 Newsletter 6 min read
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October 2019

Not-for-profit contribution standard: How to prepare for implementation
Is your not-for-profit ready for the new contribution standard? Join our live, CPE-eligible webinar to prepare for implementation, including real-life examples.

Four dynamic ways to drive diversity and inclusion of your leadership
You know that diversity is good for business. But is your organization diverse? Inclusive? Are you moving the needle in the right direction? Here are a few thoughts on how to drive diversity and inclusion from a leadership perspective.

Disrupt your nonprofit: Five steps to innovation
You don’t often see “disrupt” and “nonprofit” in the same sentence, but learning how to disrupt your own organization can be the key to fulfilling your mission more effectively than ever.

How to spot a fraudster
Occupational fraud continues to cost businesses, some quite severely. In most cases, the perpetrators share several traits and behavior patterns. Be on the lookout for these red flags.

Leadership at the Detroit Lions: CFO Allison Maki on coaching with kindness
Working as CFO in an organization of high-performing people, Allison Maki has learned the power of human kindness and authenticity while leading a team "doing ordinary work at an extraordinary place" where success equals games won versus a strong income statement.

Market perspectives
Explore emerging market trends and insights from our Investment Research team. If it’s top of mind for you, it’s top of mind for us.

June 2019

Outsourcing IT services is the “new normal.” But is it for you?
Whether you need to augment staff, complete a one-off project, or farm out an entire IT function, outsourcing can be a stroke of genius or a huge mistake. Is strategic outsourcing right for you, and how do you leverage it?

Data protection 101: Why you need security awareness training
Your organization has anti-virus software, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. Isn’t this enough to protect your vital information? The simple answer is no.

IRS offers limited relief from the once-in-always-in condition for 403(b) plans
Under IRS Notice 2018-95, the IRS is granting limited relief from the once-in-always-in (OIAI) condition for 403(b) plans. Find out what this relief includes and what plan sponsors should do now to comply with the OIAI condition.

How will Sec. 4960 excise tax impact your tax-exempt organization?
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 imposed an excise tax on tax exempt organizations. In this on-demand webinar, we discuss newly released guidelines, and if necessary, how to apply the rules.

Mitigating your excise tax liability risk: Excessive executive compensation for non-profit organizations
Section 4960 imposes a 21 percent excise tax on the compensation of certain highly compensated employees of tax-exempt organizations. Find out if, and how, this impacts your organization and what you can do to mitigate your risk.

SEKO Logistics’ James Gagne: Dream big, have fun, get stuff done
For James Gagne, a culture of dreaming big, "getting stuff done" and scaling the business while staying "small enough to care" has enabled SEKO to not only survive but thrive as it reinvents itself over time.

October 2018

Tax reform: What tax-exempt organizations need to know 
View our on-demand webinar to learn more about the 2017 Tax Act and the impact it’ll have on tax-exempt organizations. 

How will the parking provision affect your exempt organization?
One provision of the 2017 Tax Act converts qualified transportation benefits paid by a tax-exempt employer on behalf of its employees into unrelated business income. This unwanted surprised has many organizations concerned. Here’s what we know.

The IRS releases high-level guidance on UBI siloing provisions
How does the IRS recommend that NFP organizations “silo” their unrelated business income?
Want more? Check out all of our resources for tax-exempt organizations here.

Protect your digital assets with these cybersecurity best practices
Looking for steps you can take to improve your data loss protection? Look no further. These cybersecurity best practices will help you stay a step ahead of hackers and can keep you and your clients safe.

Carhartt President Linda Hubbard talks playing to the strengths of your team
Carhartt President and COO Linda Hubbard sounds off on risk-taking, removing roadblocks, building women leaders, and why the fear of making a mistake can be far more dangerous than the mistakes themselves.

July 2018

Prepare now: FASB changes to the not-for-profit reporting model are coming
Join our webinar on July 26 as we discuss FASB’s new requirements, limitations, and consequences for the not-for-profit reporting model. 

FASB releases update: What you need to know about not-for-profit contributions
Join our webinar on August 21 as we discuss FASB’s new standard on not-for-profit contributions. 

Tax reform: What tax-exempt organizations need to know
Join our webinar on August 23 as we discuss the 2017 Tax Act and the impact it will have on tax-exempt organizations. 

Protect your mission: Preventing fraud in religious institutes
Is your religious institute protected from fraud? Join our webinar on July 18 to learn about the most common schemes affecting religious institutes and how to mitigate the risk of fraud in your organization.

U.S. Supreme Court Wayfair decision impacts state sales taxes 
The recent Supreme Court decision could force many tax-exempt organizations selling goods out of their home state to withhold and remit sales tax to many more states. We recommend that organizations making sales of any goods out of state pay extra attention to this matter.

April 2018

Detroit Zoo CEO Ron Kagan on executing a vision, effective delegation, and more 
Ron Kagan, director and CEO of the Detroit Zoological Society, believes the secret to running a complex organization is to hire the best people you can find. He says a strong team will not only create great things, but it makes work more enjoyable. 

Six steps to a smooth transition: Succession planning for nonprofits
Succession planning could spell the difference between failure and success for nonprofits.

Upcoming changes to the presentation of financial statements for not-for-profits
Organizations will need to evaluate the impact of ASU 2016-14, Presentation of Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities, and begin planning now for changes to the way they prepare their financial statements.

Culture: If it’s not broken, how can you fix it?
Want to drive change? Start by leveraging existing strengths and engaging your talent. 

Want to stay on Facebook? Here's how to limit the data it collects
#DeleteFacebook is gaining momentum, but cutting ties with Facebook is not as easy as deleting your account. Here are several steps you can take to protect your privacy.

Working with a professional trustee: Six myths busted
Selecting the right trustee is a critical part of estate planning, but the selection process can be rife with misconceptions. Here are six of the most common myths we hear — and the realities.

January 2018

Funding shortages, succession planning, new accounting standards, evolving technologies, and the need for improved board governance can burden even the most established not-for-profit organizations. While you focus on your mission, our not-for-profit industry experts can help you develop a sustainable business model that supports increasing community needs. In short, we’ll help you make the mark. 

What not-for-profits need to know about tax reform
Exempt organizations have a lot of digesting and analyzing to do when it comes to tax reform. You'll need to fully understand both the direct and indirect impacts of the provisions as well as how to prepare for the impact. 

Webinar: Functional expense as strategy
View our on-demand webinar, and learn from Plante Moran and Mollard Consulting about how to use functional expense allocations to make strategic decisions for your organization. 

Enterprise risk management: Take a balanced scorecard approach
Enterprise risk management is one of the most important fiduciary responsibilities directors have to the organizations they serve. Consider implementing a “balanced scorecard” approach that extends beyond traditional financial concerns to help your organization better manage risk. 

Culture: If it’s not broken, how can you fix it?
Many successful organizations take an alternative approach to managing culture change. They focus less on what's toxic and dysfunctional and more on leveraging existing strengths and engaging their most valuable resource — their people — to drive change.