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July 10, 2019 In The News 11 min listen

How can your organization use security awareness programs and frequent data backups to protect against ransomware attacks? Our cybersecurity expert Rajiv Das explains.

Picture of green coding text on a computer monitor screen.

Rajiv Das, an East Lansing-based principal with Plante Moran’s cybersecurity team, spoke with’s M2 TechCast podcast about two steps that every organization can take to protect against ransomware attacks. First, he recommended a security awareness program, or “phishing campaign,” as a low-cost option to help employees and executives understand how to spot emails that can deliver ransomware. A typical awareness program includes an educational component to raise awareness and a test component where emails are sent to employees to determine when additional training is needed to boost awareness of the risk.

On the technology side, Rajiv explained the value of frequent data backups. If a business backs up its data at the end of every day and houses the backup securely in a separate location, a ransomware attack will most likely affect only one day’s transactions. He pointed out that large cloud providers now offer better security than most small businesses can afford on their own, making them more cost-effective than trying to protect data in-house.