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Allen is a retired partner with Plante Moran specializing in manufacturing, cost accounting, cost modeling, activity-based costing, and related projection preparation. He’s known for the specialized experience he brings to each client, including:

  • Developed and implemented job cost systems by product, work center and department.
  • Installed productivity performance standards that have been used for piece part and department bonus calculation.
  • Developed flexible budgeting models to help calculate "what if" questions regarding all phases of manufacturing.
  • Installed activity-based costing systems to better understand and allocate cost of nonvalue-added activities (design, engineering, material handling, quality control, etc.).
  • Coordinated accounting data to assist in production operations (scheduling machine utilizations, setting manufacturing capacity, and freeze point considerations).

Allen is the author of "The Businessman's Guide to Management and Profitability" along with many articles on financial management and cost containment. Allen lectures frequently for the University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin, the Precision Metalforming Association, the Spring Manufacturers Institute, National Machining and Tooling Association, the Tooling and Manufacturing Association, the Illinois CPA Society, the American Metal Stamping Association, the President's Forum and the Young Presidents Organization. He has a B.S. from Chicago's Roosevelt University and did his postgraduate work at DePaul University.

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