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My work focuses on solving (and preventing) all problems related to fraud.

Whether it’s:

  • Aiding federal, state, and local law governments investigate public corruption and conflicts of interest,
  • Helping business owners quantify embezzlement losses for insurance claims,
  • Performing “fraud check-ups” at school districts to proactively test for fraud and provide internal control recommendations,
  • Using data analytics to assist in class-action RICO lawsuits, or
  • Identifying fraud to support and/or defend shareholder oppression claims.

Nicknamed, “the Batman of Accounting” by my peers, I am rarely credited publicly for my success due to the confidential nature of my engagements.  However, I have extensive experience in performing forensic investigations, data analytics, and fraud focused internal control reviews, with the team performing over 150 engagements annually.  My engagements span all industries; however, at least 25% to 50% of his engagements each year involve public sector clients (e.g., governments, K-12, higher education, etc.).

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In college, I caught a fraudster while working as a cashier. When the math didn’t add up, I flagged the transaction. Fortunately, the perpetrator was caught — with over $2,000 from previously victimizing other stores. That was the start of this career!

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