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Larry is an audit partner with Plante Moran concentrating on a variety of closely-held businesses in the service, construction, distribution, retail, and manufacturing industries. Known for his emphasis on client service, Larry has a saying that encapsulates his philosophy: “It takes energy, wit, and care to stay in this business. You must continue to deliver to keep the business.”

Larry grew up in a closely-held business environment and serves national and international companies. Recently, he has been engaged in a variety of special matters, including family and business planning, negotiations and finance, due diligence, asset protection, compensation consulting, and business strategy services. Larry has also been retained as an expert witness and as an arbitrator involving various business matters.

A veteran partner with more than 30 years in practice, Larry is a high-energy individual who understands client service. He has been involved in banking negotiations, business recapitalizations, asset protection analysis, and financial direction consultations. Larry believes clients cannot simply wait for their businesses to someday monetize themselves. Some consideration and balance must be given to the present as well as the future.

Larry has been instrumental in both employee and executive deferred compensation plans. “There is no greater disappointment than to hear a client wants to do something after a competitor just hired one of their best people,” he says. “We can’t take our eye off of enterprise risk. The value of our people is generally our most valuable asset unrecorded on the books. What steps can we take to preserve that value is our roadmap to preserve future earnings.”

Larry is thrilled to have been a part of the legacy Blackman Kallick (BK) team which has recently joined forces with Plante Moran to take what BK has to offer and back it up with a wealth of services and offerings we didn’t offer with so much depth. “I was 100% behind it when we came together and 100% behind it almost a year later. We have such a great group of quality people.”

Larry has a B.S. from Northern Illinois University. He has served as an active member of the Illinois CPA Society’s Specialized Industry Accounting Task Force, where he served as a board member.

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