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Photo of Gordon Krater

Gordon Krater

Partner, CPA, Former Managing Partner


I’m a Plante Moran lifer, joining the firm just after graduating from the University of Michigan. My dad, also a CPA, was a client of the firm and encouraged me to apply. He told me that if he’d been at a firm like Plante Moran early in his career he might have never left public accounting. Considering I’ve spent more than 35 years here, I’m pretty sure he was right.
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I have seen five U.S. presidents in person and have shaken hands with three of them.

Additional Thoughts

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Former Managing Partner Gordon Krater pens his final blog post where he discusses the next chapter in his career and the lessons he’s learned during his 37 years at Plante Moran.
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Here’s why telling others you’re “busy” may not be the best idea — and one idea for how to make busy better. 
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