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I like to think of myself as a builder — a builder of my clients’ profits, of the people I engage with, and of our real estate and construction practice. Many of my clients are real estate entities, construction contractors, engineering companies, and home builders. Whether I’m helping them build their products or their own businesses, I bring more than 20 years of experience in consulting, assurance, and tax services.

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I enjoy sharing my culinary skills at our dinner parties. From laying out a charcuterie plate, to pairing the pappardelle with the veal ragu and the proper wine, and of course, serving a chocolate soufflé for dessert, I do it all.

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Tax planning for property “sale” to an UPREIT
The umbrella partnership real estate investment trust (UPREIT) structure presents a unique opportunity for owners of real property to diversify their holdings, maintain a tax-efficient source of cash flow, and transition out of the day-to-day activities of a lessor.
Sarah Shepard
Webinar October 01, 2014 63 min watch