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Healthcare providers must improve efficiency and performance to remain profitable as the industry transitions to value-based care. Using process improvement methodologies across the care continuum, our experience can help your organization achieve growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 

Working directly with frontline teams from your facility, we help you restructure workflows, reduce needless tasks, optimize available technical solutions, and transform the operations of hospital emergency departments, operating rooms, and discharge processing. We focus on three main improvement initiatives — process improvement, cultural change management, and operational effectiveness — to help you plan for growth using effective strategies that include Six Sigma/Lean, patient flow, quality, and patient engagement.

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A picture of a surgeon reaching for a medical instrument in an operating room.
2 min read
Healthcare data analytics drives operating room efficiency

Large regional hospital gains new insight into root causes for low operating room utilization through a data analytics deep dive.

Chris Moshier
Case Study February 6, 2019 2 min read

Our Team

Our team of healthcare specialists provides leadership consulting and project management expertise to healthcare executives and clinical teams. We work closely and collaboratively with clients on Lean Six Sigma program deployment, healthcare quality improvement and patient safety initiatives, data management and reporting, technology use in clinical settings, clinical software implementation, and process improvement to help organizations like yours thrive.