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Senior Living Operations Consulting

Keeping your senior living operation run effectively and efficiently is important not only for safeguarding your residents' well-being but also for ensuring you meet covenants and other financial goals.

We’ve helped many assisted living, independent living, memory care, home health, and skilled nursing facilities assess and improve their profit margins, cash flow, staff levels, operating expenses, facility expenses, and marketing and sales initiatives. We’ve helped many senior living communities optimize revenue with our Price Point analysis.

Our team will take a holistic look at your operations and financial efficiency, monitoring them in relation to the original forecast, benchmarking them against industry best practices, and evaluating your financial performance and outcome measurements.

If you’d like to optimize your revenue, increase occupancy, and improve the efficiency of your operations, let’s start a conversation today.

Improve senior living occupancy
with these 10 marketing and sales tactics

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Senior Living Operations Consulting Thought Leadership

  • Good things come in threes: Exciting news from Plante Moran Living Forward
    Exciting changes are happening for Plante Moran Living Forward: We’re announcing Dana Wollschlager as a new partner, celebrating four staff promotions, and welcoming a new staff member to the team.
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  • Locking senior living rents: Long-term risk for short-term gain?

    Senior living development consulting expert Dana Wollschlager weighs in on "rent lock" programs, a sales tactic that is causing some concern in the senior living industry. Read more at Senior Housing News.

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  • Assisted living in many states could see increasing regulations

    Are you interested in offering assisted living? You may want to be aware of increasing state regulations, some of which may make jumping into the arena more complex than you thought.

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    Article December 19, 2017 1 min read
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  • How workforce housing can attract senior living staff

    Local housing costs could be repelling staff from your senior living community. Some communities are finding success by offering on-site or near-site workforce housing. Could this be a viable solution for your community?

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    We look forward to seeing you October 28 through 31 at the LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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  • PointClickCare 2018 Summit

    During the PointClickCare Summit in November, we’ll explain how to achieve financial health through revenue optimization. Join us to see the entire picture when it comes to operating costs and expenses.

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Our clients say...

Plante Moran Living Forward stepped us through a comprehensive review of our operations using their Price Point analysis, which provided us with a fresh and detailed review of our cost structure. Living Forward's team was able to use the information generated to pin-point specific areas of loss and recommend revenue-enhancing strategies to improve our bottom line.

Barbara Rode & Mike Warden CEO & CFO, respectively, Saint Therese of New Hope

Working With Us

Plante Moran Living Forward’s client service model starts and ends with you at the forefront. In a truly collaborative approach, we partner with you and your internal teams to understand your community’s needs and develop solutions that meet your goals. We are dedicated to helping senior living communities stay competitive, grow, and provide quality care.

Our Work

St Therese of New Hope Image
1 min read
CCRC optimizes cash flow with Price Point analysis
Operationally, St. Therese had a positive cash flow, but intuitively, the CEO and CFO knew that some service offerings may be negatively impacting the results.
Case Study December 15, 2016 1 min read