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For today’s plastics manufacturers, achieving your goals means managing tight margins, prudently stewarding resources, and properly planning for your capital investment projects.

Our audit, tax, consulting, and investment banking practice serves over 200 plastics manufacturers – more than any other accounting firm – offering comprehensive solutions backed by decades of specialized experience and our proprietary industry benchmarking data.

North American Plastics Industry Study
2017 summary report: Building for a stronger future

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North American Plastics Industry Study
2017 summary report: Building for a stronger future

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    Do you have solid financial and competitive benchmarking data to support your strategies? Take the North American Plastics Industry Study (NAPIS) survey to build for a stronger future.
    Jeff Mengel
    June 01, 2017 2 min read
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  • Blockchain disruption: Are manufacturers ready?
    Blockchain may be the most potentially disruptive tech advancement since the internet. Suppliers that want to remain relevant need to capitalize on its capabilities, including smart contracts and improved traceability, visibility, and accountability.
    Craig Zampa Chelsea Adams
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    Three powerhouse technologies — advanced data analytics, machine learning, and robotic process automation — can help organizations of all sizes derive greater value from their IT investments. Read how companies are putting them to work.
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  • Digital transformation in the middle market
    Headlines on digital disruption tend to favor B2C startups and tech giants, but what’s the opportunity for mature, midmarket businesses? Good news: Practical strategies and digital opportunities abound.
    Dennis Bagley Evan Honour
    Article November 06, 2017 2 min read
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Our clients say

Over the course of our long-term relationship, the core Plante Moran team has remained intact, and we appreciate the trust we’ve built with them. Trust is important as our company grows and enters uncharted territory where we need to rely on our advisors.

Patrick McKune CFO, M Holland Company

Our Team

We understand the forces impacting the plastics industry and are prepared to help you effectively balance risk and opportunity to achieve your growth goals. Our audit, tax, and consulting professionals are a leading voice on strategic and financial issues affecting the plastics industry. We’re sought after speakers and contributors and authors of the North American Plastics Industry Study, the most comprehensive survey of plastics processors in North America.