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11k Financial Statements

Our experts can support your internal team to prepare your benefit plan's financial statements each year to ensure compliance with GAAP as well as the Department of Labor’s Rules and Regulations under ERISA, if applicable. You set the scope of work we perform, depending on your staff resources and particular needs.

Our services extend to the preparation of detailed trial balances, supporting schedules, and work papers to assist you with an efficient review so you can take ownership of financial statements before providing them to your auditors.

For many public companies, outsourcing the preparation of SEC 11-K financial statements and supporting trial balances and schedules is an efficient way to ensure financial statements comply with the reporting and disclosure requirements applicable to benefit plans. Our staff can prepare and compile your financial statements even when we don't audit the plan, and we can work with your benefit plan auditors to ensure a smooth experience.

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Our Team

We allocate substantial resources to ensure our benefit plan audit staff is trained in reporting and disclosure requirements unique to the benefit plan industry. Our extensive training for new staff and continuing education for experienced staff allows our benefit plan team to keep you up to date on the ever-changing disclosure requirements. You can be assured that your benefit plan's financial statements will meet the requirements of GAAP, the SEC, if applicable, and the Department of Labor.

You will enjoy working with our benefit plan team. Clients tell us our benefit plan knowledge, continuity of staff, responsiveness, and positive attitude make every project easier.