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Executive Employee Retention & Incentive Plans

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In this era of increased global competition, organizations of all sizes are continually looking for ideas that will enable them to keep up with the constant demand for new and improved products and services. They depend on their employees for the next best idea and rely on their experience and relationships to turn those ideas into profit. The question is: How do you attract and retain the ideal people you need?

We can help you with employee retention strategies. We'll guide employee retention efforts through incentivized programs that attract and retain the talented people you need to succeed. We can help you design effective employee incentive programs that recognize employees who contribute to growing your bottom line, while at the same time prevent them from going to work for your competition. We build employee engagement through retention and incentive programs that connect your organization with the right people for success.

Our Team

You'll appreciate our experience when we help you look at the employee incentive options available to you, such as "top hat plans" for key executives, deferred compensation plans, supplemental executive retirement plans, and stock option/stock purchase plans.

We'll analyze the tax impact, legal impact, and organizational impact of your employee incentive programs. You can depend on our team of CPAs, consultants, and attorneys to be on top of cutting-edge design considerations, as well as current laws and regulations.