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Vendor Selection - 401k & Retirement Plans

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Retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries have duties under ERISA, which requires that fees charged to participants, such as 401(k) investment and administration fees, be known, approved, and at all times reasonable. One way to demonstrate due diligence under ERISA is by going through vendor selection. Our independent team of attorneys, accountants, plan administrators, and consultants will help you perform the due diligence you need to find the right plan administrators, custodians, trustees, and investment advisors for your retirement plans to fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities as defined by ERISA.

We'll help you develop requests for proposals (RFPs) for the service providers, as well as criteria to evaluate the proposals. We'll analyze the proposals, identify unique features and limitations, verify that the proposed fees and expenses are in line, and that the providers are insured against losses resulting from fraudulent/dishonest acts.

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In addition to meeting the ERISA requirements for higher levels of transparency, adequate due diligence, and procedural prudence, we'll give you confidence that your chosen vendors will meet the performance criteria you’ve set for your plans. Our process saves money, increases services for the plan, and supplements the expertise necessary to appropriately evaluate vendor proposals.