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Supply Chain & Operations

In response to emerging global trends, increased demand for visibility, and speed-to-market pressures, the most successful organizations optimize their supply chain to overcome these challenges and fuel sustainable growth. Aligning your supply chain to your strategic business goals is a key element of addressing complexity and unlocking your organization’s greatest potential.

We have decades of experience across a multitude of industries and will quickly understand your unique business needs. We ask the right questions, identify opportunities, and develop and implement sustainable solutions — all to drive high growth and boost profitability in today's competitive environment.

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Supply chain optimization

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5 min read
Should you use a center-led purchasing model?
Purchasing professionals face many challenges in creating and executing supply chain strategies that lower total costs and align with business strategy. These five steps can help generate sustained cost reduction through leveraged procurement.
Carol Dooley
October 06, 2017 5 min read

Four critical success factors for integrating post-merger healthcare supply chains

Supply Chain and Operations Thought Leadership

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Our clients say

Every organization has opportunities to do things more effectively & efficiently, but not every organization identifies those opportunities to work on that are in line with their overall strategy. In my experience with Plante Moran, they work to understand the strategy early on in any engagement in order to apply this principle to identify & assist in implementing changes to implement efficiencies & drive out costs. Before I even realized it, their influence on the organization became part of the culture; ideas were then being generated from all levels of the company. Their approach had the opposite impact on how most organizations approach to cost reduction projects & were very valuable in the long term to the health of the company. No other firm that I’ve work with has come close to their approach.

Brad Aquino Division CFO and PMI Lead, Fortune 500 Clients

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1 min read
Improved costing solves issues for global medical device supplier
A top 10 medical technology company began to lose confidence in its costing approach for over 130,000 various products.
Case Study October 03, 2017 1 min read
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1 min read
Operations assessment for targeted growth
Manufacturer improves efficiencies by more than 10 percent of operating cost and sees increased production capacity.
Case Study May 31, 2017 1 min read

Our Team

With a proven track record across industries, we leverage analytics capabilities to quickly help you maximize value through an agile, dynamic supply chain. Our integrated approach to supply chain and operations management enables us to tailor solutions to the distinct needs of your organization. From high-level strategy and vision to innovative, high-impact initiatives that build on streamlined processes and infrastructure, our suite of solutions helps transform the supply chain of any organization, from emerging startups to established international enterprises.