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When it comes to hiring or developing, we’ll help you assess that talent. It could be an executive, high-level manager, mid-level manager, first-line supervisor, or administrative assistant. We’ll also help you with assessment, integration, and development, as well as conducting talent roundtables to optimize the process.

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Culture: If it's not broken how can you fix it?

Many successful organizations take an alternative approach to managing culture change. They focus less on what's toxic and dysfunctional and more on leveraging existing strengths and engaging their most valuable resource — their people — to drive change. Here's how.

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Article December 21, 2017 4 min read
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Top five skills for next generation leaders
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Article July 12, 2017 5 min read

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Our clients say

Plante Moran’s talent and organizational development experts have been helping us assess job candidates for five years. We keep using them because the results always validate their reviews. The few times we made a mistake, we went back and looked at the test results and Plante’s commentary, and the weaknesses were staring us right in the face. They moved fast when we needed quick answers, and they are candid. They are great partners.
Michael Poulos CEO, Michigan First Credit Union

Our Team

In the continued war for talent, we're armed with the right mix of assessment tools and experience to help you identify the right people to power your organization to success. You'll benefit from our efforts to understand your organization’s culture and its specific needs. For more than 60 years, we've assessed nearly 50,000 professionals for a wide range of positions.