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Commercial Due Diligence

How important is commercial due diligence? Critically important. While financial due diligence delivers details about historical trends, commercial due diligence examines recent business performance, providing valuable insights into a target’s project future earnings.

Our thorough approach includes analyzing the target’s financial forecasts, operations, and market strength — all to give you clarity, mitigate risk, and support a favorable transaction price.  

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Commercial Due Diligence: How important is it?
Understand the possible future state of the company you're purchasing

Commercial Due Diligence Thought Leadership

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Our Team

Our goal is simple: clarify the potential of the target. Although we currently serve more than 600 private equity groups and portfolio companies, each transaction is unique, and we and scale our approach to fit the target’s industry, size, and complexity. Our team has decades of experience and is hand-picked to assure expertise within the target company’s industry.


Daron Gifford Partner, Strategy Consulting Services Leader, Commercial Due Diligence Services Leader