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You’re being challenged to do more with less and to evolve from a transaction processing role into a source of valuable insights. Given the demands of the current economic environment, new regulations, and stakeholder needs, it’s increasingly important for the financial function to be innovative and provide improved information in a shorter time frame and more efficiently.

Many obstacles can stand in the way of these goals, such as inefficient processes, staffing issues, and ineffective or obsolete technology. We can help you assess the situation, including a complete analysis of your people, process, and technology. We can also help you with improvements, including “hands-on” assistance with recommended implementation and project and outcome/results management.

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Our Clients Say

With the concurrence of our private equity sponsor, the company brought in Plante Moran’s FSS team to help drive transformative changes in our financial processes to support growth and acquisitions.  The Plant Moran FSS group brought best practices that allowed us to condense our monthly close time to 5 days (down from several weeks), and implement robust policies and more accurate processes for major accounting estimates.  We also brought them in to help us during the post-acquisition phase of our most recent acquisition. Not only did they help integrate our newest vertical into our organization, they helped us claw-back a large portion of the purchase price through the net working capital adjustment once they discovered that the financial information reported by the Seller contained inaccuracies. They also discovered a direct violation of the purchase agreement which resulted in additional recoveries. We would absolutely use Plante Moran again for future deals.

Keith Marchiando CFO, AP Exhaust Technologies, Inc.

Our Team

Each organization's journey and destination are unique. We understand this and provide highly qualified and experienced accounting and internal control professionals who have helped to transform organizations spanning a variety of industries. Through proven project methodology and tools, we’ve helped organizations improve and optimize their accounting and reporting function, allowing them to drive business performance.