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We offer complete global service coverage backed by the largest, fastest-growing global alliance of independent accountancy firms, Praxity, AISBL. As a founding member of Praxity, we tap in to like-minded firms and their skilled accounting practitioners worldwide; it’s your gateway to in-market resources wherever the need arises.

  • #1 world’s largest global alliance of accounting firms
  • Seventh largest overall among all accounting associations
  • 100+ countries
  • 41,700+ independent minds
  • 635+ offices
  • $4.75B+ business revenue
  • 2017 Association of the Year according to The Accountant and International Accounting Bulletin Awards

Worldview map of the Praxity Alliance member locations.

Why an alliance?

Our alliance with Praxity, AISBL empowers us to serve you anywhere and everywhere in the world you operate. As marketplace demands and business needs change and grow, we scale with you by tapping into our vast resources, including Praxity member firms worldwide that met our high bar for client service.

The benefit of an alliance over a network? Simply put: the power of choice. Serving as your single point of contact, we aren’t encumbered by barriers a network may present. With an alliance, we maintain our independence and flexibility while still benefiting from diversity, collaboration, and shared best practices. Without bureaucratic restrictions, we can hand-select the best resources for your particular needs — wherever and whenever you need it.