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To make the best business decisions and meet your strategic objectives, you first have to understand the risks that could stall your progress. That starts with developing your risk profile. We can help you identify strategic, operational, reporting, and compliance risks; explore ways to eliminate, mitigate, transfer, share, or accept the risk; develop a strategy to set risk limits and risk tolerance; and create a plan for risk oversight, control, and discipline at your organization.

So, whether you have an ERM process in place or are looking to create one, we'll develop a risk universe plan to ensure risk management is woven into your organization’s culture.

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We're well-versed in the ERM framework set up by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO), long considered the authority in internal controls and the cornerstone of SOX compliance.  We'll help you understand your inherent business risks, improve transparency with a balance between risk and reward, and ultimately increase your business value.