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Transforming ideas into reality, while maintaining business alignment and profitability, can be a significant undertaking. We’ll provide the methodology, tools, and structure to manage any type or size project or program. Our systematic approach to program and project management is based on your needs and brings customized solutions to ensure your projects are completed on time, within budget, and with sustainable results.

We can provide experienced project management professionals to supplement your resources or manage your entire program. We’ll make sure you have proper controls, communication mechanisms, management tools, and monitoring processes in place to establish and oversee an effective program and project management office that delivers successful outcomes.

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Our clients say

During the course of numerous integrations, I continue to be amazed at the approach that Plante Moran has supported us with. The biggest asset that Plante has brought to us is very unusual as compared to the other big firms. As the their engagement wraps up, our people have been so prepared to pick up the integration activity as if Plante was not there to begin with. Even the people that have never been through an integration before ask when the next acquisition is going to occur so they can make the company even better by molding it into what the vision is. This is due to the entire Plante staff helping our people become better & more valuable employees not only to the company, but also encouraging our staff to be the best that they can be.
Brad Acquino Division CFO and PMI Lead, Fortune 500 Clients

Our Team

We use a detail-oriented, yet pragmatic, approach to helping clients through the entire program and project management process.

Our team works shoulder-to-should with you managing projects including facility startups, relocation, consolidation, and expansion; launch planning and management; production transfers; and organization wide business transformations.