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Cost Segregation

Cost segregation can identify substantial tax saving opportunities through depreciation for taxpayers that have constructed, purchased, or renovated a facility. We work with you to identify personal property that can be depreciated using accelerated depreciation methods. With its combined engineering, construction, and tax expertise, our team helps you uncover hidden cash in your property with cost segregation.

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Our Team

Our team includes accountants, engineers, architects, building construction professionals, and attorneys to help ensure you’re taking full advantage of significant opportunities for tax savings.

Our three-stage cost segregation analysis begins with an interview to help us understand your organization’s scope of capital investments. We estimate your cost segregation benefit so you can decide whether cost segregation is right for you. Next, our tax specialists visit your site and gather relevant data and documents. We use the information to conduct an engineering and tax analysis and prepare your report. Then we review the report with you in detail, prepare necessary tax compliance forms, and deliver the final study to help you take full advantage of the tax savings opportunities identified and increase your cash flow.