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Acquiring a new business can be risky. As the buyer, you want a clear picture of existing operations and opportunities for future accomplishments. Operational due diligence has increasingly become more critical for integration success. Our operational due diligence experts complete a coherent analysis of current performance, EBITDA potential, and prioritized integration efforts, so you realize a higher ROI, mitigate risk, and achieve a more impactful, tangible output.

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Critical due diligence considerations

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4 min read
What IT risks are you inheriting with your acquisition?
If your target meets any of these four criteria, don't skip due diligence.
Doug Hockenbrocht
Article June 16, 2017 4 min read
Ten critical factors to accurately assess your target's growth potential
Daron Gifford
Article October 25, 2016 5 min read
Identify hidden financial and tax risks for your acquisition
Matt Petrucci
Article October 26, 2016 3 min read
Address these three high-risk areas for a successful acquisition
Brandon M. Podolski Plante Moran Cresa
Article October 26, 2016 4 min read

Six critical due diligence considerations for private equity
Strategies to mitigate uncertainties and invest with greater confidence

Private equity tackles value creation

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2 min read
Three operational improvements tactics to accelerate private equity value creation
There are three critical ways private equity can both protect and grow value creation through operations: lead differently, optimize for the future, and measure for success.
Dave Plomin
Article August 1, 2018 2 min read
Aligning technology for post-close value creation
Craig Zampa
Article September 27, 2017 4 min read
Upgrade the finance function to assure private equity value creation
Brad Rummel
Article September 12, 2017 3 min read
Data-rich, information-poor: Leverage your data to improve costing
Jon Wood
Article September 19, 2018 5 min read

Operational Due Diligence Thought Leadership

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Our clients say

We looked at a few other firms, but the Plante Moran team picked things up faster than other consultants, integrated business processes at a quicker rate and at a deeper level, and understood our business. We are very pleased with the engagement and would hire Plante Moran again.

Wylie Nelson VP, Wirless and Testing Services

Our Team

Every client situation is unique. We tailor each engagement to achieve the best results. All of our projects follow a disciplined methodology to ensure that we deliver the greatest impact and benefit, that ideas turn into actions, and that actions drive results.