Family Office Cybersecurity Consulting

Our Expertise

With a goal to keep your family office information private and secure, our team provides complete internal control evaluations, operations reviews, and risk assessment services to help family offices identify and respond to cyber risks.

We understand that family offices are charged with more than protecting wealth, they are also asked to ensure information, legacy and reputation. Family offices must take proactive steps to prevent a cybersecurity incident and to minimize the damage should one occur. Our Plante Moran Family Office team can help.

Our cybersecurity experts work with your family office to test and identify vulnerabilities in your security measures, create a strategy that will work for all your stakeholders, implement new procedures and products to improve the security of your information technology systems, and continuously test to verify you’re up to date with evolving threats from hackers and identity thieves. We help clients achieve dramatic improvements in cybersecurity controls and mechanisms to ensure sustain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

Client Experience

Our Team

Each family office client has a single lead relationship partner who creates a customized approach and experienced team to meet your needs. We start the process for designing the client experience by listening and helping you identify your office’s challenges and goals. Organized around industry and technical expertise, there are over 120 professionals who work within our family office industry group. Our purpose is to support you in an effort to protect, preserve and enhance their wealth.