Family Office Information Technology Consulting

Our Expertise

Our information technology services have been customized for family offices to help assess your current technical environment, identify potential gaps, risks, security vulnerabilities, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our family office technology consultants are experienced in technology strategy, infrastructure, cybersecurity, project management, quality assurance, enterprise solutions, and operations. We help guide your technology and application investments and selections, and assist with implementations.

First, we evaluate your current infrastructure and identify performance issues, vulnerabilities, and risks that could adversely affect system performance or cause a disruption in operations. Afterwards, we provide a rating of your maturity with respect to industry best practices, scaled to your type of family office, priorities, level of effort, and estimated budget. Recommendations are assembled into an easy-to-read roadmap that allows you to visualize the implementation sequence and interdependencies. Finally, our independence and experience enables us to thoroughly review and negotiate contracts to reduce your cost and risk. Throughout the selection process, you can rely on our software consultants to maximize the return on your technology investment, reduce your selection risk, and improve solution deployment.

Client Experience

Our Team

Each family office client has a single lead relationship partner who creates a customized approach and experienced team to meet your needs. We start the process for designing the client experience by listening and helping you identify your office’s challenges and goals. Organized around industry and technical expertise, there are over 120 professionals who work within our family office industry group. Our purpose is to support you in an effort to protect, preserve and enhance your wealth.