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Unprecedented growth and change in the automotive industry are pushing suppliers to make daunting and expensive moves. Are you balancing competing priorities to make smart investment decisions? With more than 500 supplier clients, we have the expertise to help you focus on the right things — to help simplify an increasingly complex world.


Simplify complexity: Tailored solutions for automotive suppliers
Today’s automotive supplier industry is a high-risk, high-reward environment.  Achieving your goals requires prioritizing capital investments in technology, equipment, and facilities while managing shifting commercial pressures around cost, footprint, and value-added services.
Industry mega trends, including the rise of mobility technology, emerging market growth, mass/weight reduction, next generation powertrains, and fewer and combined vehicle architectures are driving automotive suppliers to rethink their business models and adopt new strategies to meet demand, innovate, and compete globally.
Our multidisciplinary automotive supplier team will provide insights you need to find the right customer mix, geographic footprint, and market opportunities. Plante Moran’s dedicated automotive industry team has advised automotive clients for more than 85 years and currently serves more than 350 automotive suppliers across the United States and internationally. Our expertise is cultivated from focused, industry-leading research in key segments, including stamping, plastic molding, and tooling.
Our full menu of services for automotive suppliers includes:
  • Audit, review, & compliance
  • Tax compliance & consulting
  • Enterprise risk services
  • Supply chain & operations improvement
  • Restructuring & turnaround
  • Global business strategies, sourcing, & procurement
  • Strategic planning & market assessments
  • Organizational development & personnel assessment
  • Due diligence
  • ERP system selection & implementation

Our tax specialists will help you find every opportunity to minimize your tax liability

Taxes are one of the biggest expenses any business faces and tax planning can be complex because of the interdependence and ever-changing nature of taxes at the local, state, federal, and international levels.
Whether it’s the effect of revenue recognition on customer tooling contracts, research and development credits, or tax implications of cross border transactions, our experts can ensure you minimize your tax liability and optimize valuable tax credits.
Building custom solutions to help you grow and thrive
Looking beyond tax compliance, our automotive specialists focus on helping organizations grow, improve profitability, and implement transformational changes. From research and development initiatives in mobility technology and next generation powertrains, to global expansion, the Plante Moran strategy team has the experience and expertise to help you thrive.
Smart international strategies for global opportunities
As auto suppliers grow and expand in emerging markets, sound international strategies are crucial for success. Plante Moran’s automotive consultants help suppliers assess their international options, develop the right strategies, and provide complete implementation assistance to align their physical footprint with their business model.
Our international tax specialists can assist in evaluating intercompany cross-border transactions, completing documentation to avoid penalties, and developing a worldwide strategy that can minimize double taxation. The team has substantial international expertise with on-the-ground staff in Mexico and China to support international expansion activities.
Optimizing technology advancements to keep you ahead of the curve
The impact of technology on the vehicle market, especially in relation to safety and fuel efficiency, is inevitable and ever-changing. Upcoming 2025 CAFÉ standards to reach 54.5 mpg are driving aggressive changes in new production programs, and the rise of mobility technology is leading the way for new research and development investments, which can result in significant product advancements and a competitive edge on the market.
Plante Moran automotive and technology specialists will provide in depth market analysis to aide in product and technology investments decisions and strategies to keep you ahead of the curve.

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Plante Moran recruits the coolest bunch of CPAs — they are professional and smart. They won our trust with their audit and tax work. Now they advise us on a range of issues from our 401(k) plan to our operations in Mexico. Switching to Plante Moran is the best darn decision we’ve ever made.

Jon-Erik Burleson, President
KTM North America, Inc.