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A deep understanding of the challenges governments face helps our professionals deliver a higher return on experience.


As a local or a state government leader, you are probably tired of hearing that the current austere situation calls for strong leadership, political bravery, and courage. Instead you would like to hear from advisors who can help you make the tough choices, improve effectiveness, and contain costs.
Plante Moran’s government team can help you with experience, knowledge, and perspectives from the front line. Team members have a deep understanding of the fundamental operations of government units and are accustomed to serving state governments, counties, cities, villages, and townships, as well as special purpose entities such as land banks, courts, pension funds, and authorities.
You can benefit from our team’s insights and its range of skills when you begin redesigning the way your organization delivers services. The team includes accountants, architects, engineers, IT experts, employee benefits specialists, investment advisors, and management consultants. This multidisciplinary team offers you a holistic approach to the challenges you face in redefining the role your organization can afford to play in the future lives of its constituents.
They have a wealth of hands-on knowledge to help map out your way forward in these post-recession years.

Analysis & transparency. 

As you develop a blueprint for the future, you can depend on our auditors for the accurate, timely information you need to plot successful strategies. They are accustomed to working with budgets ranging from thousands to billions of dollars. Plus you can rely on them to translate their findings into understandable language, allowing you to use the information more effectively for decision making. They can explain the changes to your constituents in an independent, fact-based way whether you are holding a town hall meeting, adjusting fees, or negotiating union contracts.
Our government team can
help you investigate every
available option to provide
comprehensive services for less money.
Our government consultants can help you use constrained budgets as a catalyst for change. Specialists on the team can help you look at your retirement system design, benefits packages, labor negotiations,
and the like. They can help you improve the productivity of your staff and the efficiency of your operations as well as investigate opportunities to share services and explore outsourcing. Technology specialists can help you maximize the effectiveness of your systems. Our multidisciplinary team can support your efforts to provide quality services on a tight budget.
Our consultants are
grounded, practical,
and collaborative.
They’ll help you move ahead.
Do you have information to make long-term decisions?
Our government specialists can create a five-year model that provides a comprehensive picture of your finances. The automated version allows you to input variables and quickly determine the bottom-line impact. This proprietary tool can give you the information to make wise decisions and justify your position when talking to your constituents.
Do you have enough public safety support?
Our government practice team can help you review your public safety operations: police, fire, and EMS. Our professionals have developed a methodology to review these critical functions to ensure rapid responses and justify staffing levels and equipment purchases. They also can determine if regionalization could improve service and save money.
Maximize the effectiveness of your IT dollars
To maximize the value of your IT spend, it is important to make sure every new investment in technology fits into a long-term plan and that current technology is producing the expected results — efficiency, effectiveness, and constituent services. Our team of technology specialists who work with governments can help you assess where you are and develop a strategic plan that aligns major initiatives, investments, and tactics to achieve your long-term goals.
Save money: reengineer your finance department
Governments often overlook the opportunity to improve operations in their finance departments. Our financial reengineering experts can evaluate your current financial operations at a fundamental level and make recommendations that can help save money and at the same time provide more timely and accurate information to make better decisions.

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Case Studies



“Plante Moran exceeded our expectations in delivering a timely and efficient report that helped us develop a roadmap for improving our operations. Not only did they work closely with our staff to identify problems, but they provided high-level detail and excellent suggestions.”

Zach Koutsky, Senior Advisor to the State Treasurer
State of Illinois Treasurers Office