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With countless technology and digital options available in the marketplace, it's imperative to select and implement solutions that help you achieve your goals. We'll help you create a strategy and identify areas of risk and opportunity to successfully integrate new solutions and processes. And we’ll help you facilitate process improvement and apply change management techniques to engage and motivate your people.

We're experienced in technology strategy, infrastructure, cybersecurity, project management, quality assurance, enterprise solutions, and technology operations. We offer a full spectrum of technology consulting capabilities, including IT strategy, process consulting, technology acquisition, project assurance, infrastructure services, and technology assessments, selections, and implementations.

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How technology can transform your business

How technology can transform your business
5 min read
Industry 4.0: Adopt smart technologies for a competitive advantage
Industry 4.0 is driving efficiencies and increasing competitiveness in the manufacturing industry. Data, and the interconnectivity of all processes and machines, are key components of this transformation. Do you want to evolve your traditional factory into a smart factory?
Dave Plomin
Article January 26, 2018 5 min read
Must-consider technologies to disrupt your status quo
Dennis Bagley
Article November 17, 2017 4 min read
Digital transformation in the middle market
Dennis Bagley
Article November 6, 2017 2 min read
The fright factor of blockchain
Raj Patel
October 20, 2017 3 min read

Data center design standards
IT systems have become critical for the day-to-day operations of today's organizations

Managing risk

Managing risk: Protecting people and data
2 min read
Bitcoin is big, but what does it mean to invest?
As Bitcoin gains popularity (and value), new ways to securely store and trade the currency are lowering the barriers to entry. Learn more at Crain's Detroit Business.
Raj Patel
Article January 11, 2018 2 min read
Turning risk into opportunity: Five questions to ask
Doug Farmer
Article August 28, 2017 8 min read
The fright factor of blockchain
Raj Patel
October 20, 2017 3 min read
Equifax security breach: Preventing a repeat
Raj Patel
Article September 21, 2017 1 min read

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Technology Thought Leadership

  • ERP change management: Five pillars of success
    Change is a certainty when implementing any new ERP system. Use these suggestions to help you ensure, and your workforce embrace, a smooth and successful ERP implementation.
    Adam Rujan Laurie Hoose Scott Boynton
    Article June 18, 2018 5 min read
    A photo of pillars of a government building.
  • Taking an enterprise approach to CRM in higher education
    CRM is a key growth driver for many institutions. But few in higher education believe they’re getting the most of out of their investment. Building a CRM culture can change that.
    Ivy Anderson Judy Wright
    Article June 7, 2018 3 min read
    A teacher standing in front of a classroom of college students.
  • Digesting digital: Relevant technology in the food and beverage industry
    Food and beverage companies often view technology as a cost center, it’s really a tool that can enhance top-line revenue and drive down costs. Here’s are a few things to consider in developing the right technology strategy for your company.
    Craig Zampa
    Article May 25, 2018 3 min read
    People pointing at boxes
  • Accounting software selection: Best practices for tech firms
    Growth is good news for any rapidly expanding tech company, but can your accounting software keep up? Use these best practices for selecting an accounting solution that can support your business into the future.
    Manuel Rivera Amy Sasina Judy Wright
    Article May 24, 2018 5 min read
    Image of man looking out window of an office building

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Our clients say

I can’t say enough good things about the team, they are incredible to work with, and they are very diligent and very detailed. I have worked with a ton of consultants, and what I appreciated most was that Plante Moran never acted like outside consultants. They truly became part of our family, and they took ownership and felt a great deal of responsibility for successful outcomes along with us. I knew we weren’t alone, we were truly partners.

Tammy Evans Assistant Superintendent and Chief Information Officer, Oakland Schools

Image of people meeting
3 min read
Operational review for large community college
Oakland Community College successfully streamlines their operations and increases operational effectiveness following review and restructuring of three departments.
Case Study April 13, 2017 3 min read
Image of two people talking
2 min read
Business needs evaluation and IT process review
New processes and work management technologies help the city of Bismarck achieve its goal of reliable, timely, cost-effective service delivery.
Case Study March 22, 2017 2 min read

Our Team

While we help organizations with their technology strategic direction, initiatives, and optimization, what differentiates us is our ability to translate “30,000-foot” concepts, directions, and strategies into impactful actions that produce results. We partner with you to implement pragmatic solutions that matter. Our technology consulting team will be a unique partner for you in four distinct ways: focus, experience, independence, and customized engagements with a collaborative culture.