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Final bed need/excess calculation for Ohio nursing homes released

April 12, 2016 Article 1 min read
Patrick McCormick

Nursing home providers should act now to determine whether they're in a position to sell beds or buy beds. The Ohio Department of Health's Certificate of Need (CON) program will begin taking CON applications July 1, 2016.

Image for bed need/excess calculations for Ohio nursing homes 

The Ohio Department of Health’s Certificate of Need (CON) program has another opportunity for nursing home providers to transfer beds from counties with excess beds to under-bedded counties. Given this limited opportunity, ODH has released the final bed need/excess calculation as of April 1, 2016. The map for the final calculation by county is below.

The calculations indicate that only 7 counties will be able to receive beds through the comparative review process. In 2012, it was determined 20 counties had a bed need. There are 24 counties with bed need that will not be allowed to transfer beds into their county due to occupancy being below 85 percent, which is a requirement under Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 3702.593.

CON applications for providers who wish to transfer beds across county lines can only be filed from July 1, 2016, through July 31, 2016. These CON applications will be comparatively reviewed to determine which CONs will be granted.

Plante Moran Living Forward is available to help with all of your CON and overall development needs. We offer a streamlined approach to preparing the financial schedules of the application, along with the entire application. Our expertise and processes have proven to generate little scrutiny from the Ohio Department of Health. In addition, our development expertise can assist your organization with locating a potential new site and guiding you through a new development project.

If you are in a position to sell beds or buy beds — or you are just not sure — we can help determine your opportunity costs given your future strategic positioning.

Please contact one of us at your convenience to discuss this opportunity further:

Patrick McCormick

Christy Van De Water

Ohio’s Final Calculation: Bed Need/Excess by County

Final Ohio nursing home bed need vs. excess results map for 2016

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