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Nursing home construction dwindles as operators downsize

In Skilled Nursing News, Living Forward’s Dana Wollschlager and Sally Heffernan discuss the dwindling construction of nursing homes and the increasing shortage of Medicaid beds.
Row of houses

As the landscape of senior care evolves, nursing home construction is undergoing a significant transformation.

In recent years, nursing home operators have been embracing a downsizing strategy, opting for smaller, more personalized settings that foster a homely atmosphere. This shift is driven by a desire to enhance the quality of care, promote social engagement, and cater to the changing preferences of seniors seeking a more intimate living experience.

Operators are exploring innovative models such as small house nursing homes, green house models, and neighborhood-style communities. These alternative approaches prioritize resident autonomy, empower staff members, and create a sense of community that fosters overall well-being.

However, amidst the shift, a critical concern looms large — the scarcity of Medicaid beds. Diversifying funding sources beyond Medicaid can help alleviate the strain on operators. Public-private partnerships, philanthropic investments, and innovative financing models should be considered to expand access to affordable long-term care services and bridge the gap between available beds and the growing demand.

Dana Wollschlager and Sally Heffernan from Plante Moran Living Forward delve into the latest developments in nursing home construction and shed light on the pressing issue that demands attention in a recent Skilled Nursing News article.

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