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How Medicaid waivers have affected nursing home utilization

December 14, 2023 Article 1 min read
Dana Wollschlager Plante Moran Living Forward
In Skilled Nursing News, Plante Moran Living Forward’s Dana Wollschlager and other experts explore the impact of Medicaid waivers and the minimum staffing proposal on SNFs, alternative care settings, the workforce, and the future of senior care.
Home care visit

Nursing home usage is in flux due to Medicaid waivers and may be further affected by proposed minimum staffing rules. 

As many states adopted Medicaid waivers more than a decade ago, data show skilled nursing facility (SNF) utilization rates declined 31% across the country between 2015 and 2022. Federal and state programs as well as payor sources are supporting programs and initiatives to push care out of the nursing home setting toward assisted living or home- and community-based services, says Dana Wollschlager, partner and practice leader at Plante Moran Living Forward.

The evolving landscape provokes consideration of whether it’s wiser for SNFs to broaden service options across the care continuum or focus on expanding specific care settings. Workforce limitations remain a crucial factor influencing these decisions, requiring innovative solutions to meet escalating senior care needs. The debate hinges on balancing consumer preference, cost-effectiveness, and specialized care delivery. This conundrum remains a pivotal consideration for policymakers and care providers alike.

Wollschlager joins other experts in a recent Skilled Nursing News article describing the evolving landscape in nursing home utilization. Read the full article for more.

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