Financing & Capital Markets

Our Expertise

Finding the right real estate financing structure

We seek to maintain strong portfolio performance through optimal capital structure.

A key aspect of any successful investment strategy is identifying the appropriate financial structure and capital stack for each asset within your portfolio. Plante Moran Real Estate Investment Advisors (REIA) can help you identify and unlock the capital you need.

With your goals at the center, we use our extensive network of real estate financing and capital market contacts to ensure you have a wide array of competitive financing options to consider.

Our services include:

  • Debt placement and mortgage banking assistance
  • Capital stack structuring and restructuring
  • Recapitalization strategies

Our approach is efficient and effective, accounting for your overall objectives, fluctuating market trends, and subtle economic indicators that might affect your financing decision. We help you evaluate the advantages and risks associated with the capital structures available to you. Best of all, our efficient management throughout the financing process minimizes surprises and enables a timely close.

Whether you need to finance a new real estate development, source debt for your next real estate acquisition, or refinance an existing loan, Plante Moran REIA can help. Contact our team.

Client Experience

Working with our real estate financing experts

Our real estate investment advisors utilize an extensive network of real estate capital markets contacts, including commercial lenders, mortgage brokers, investment banks, conduit lenders, pension funds, and life insurance companies, to ensure that you have a wide array of real estate financing options to consider.