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Because we've provided accounting outsourcing, real estate consulting, and financial services to religious institutes and their sponsored ministries for more than 65 years, we understand your mission, values, and operating philosophies. We have developed a deep appreciation for and understanding of the mission, values, and operating philosophies of religious congregations and the integration of religious life with mission and ministry.

Our efforts focus on ways to steward human and financial resources more effectively in order to further mission, ministry, and legacy. This perspective allows us to bring best practices and alternatives to you while providing a tailored evaluation as a result of our experience working with more than 175 religious congregations and 800 long-term care and senior housing facilities.

Discernment of Mission & Charism
As religious congregations look toward their future and consider the sustainability of their legacy, their sponsored works often become a focus. Discerning which ministries align with sustaining the mission and charism, and how they might remain in that service to the congregation, is essential for shaping the future of the religious community. As a trusted advisor who understands your goals, we can help you through this process. Learn more. 
Finance, Operations, Audit, & Internal Controls
We serve religious institutes and their ministries with respect for their traditions, culture, and charism. Our understanding of the various operating practices of these entities enables us to approach our services with sensitivity and practicality within the context of the spirit and intent of the accounting principles. We hope to provide meaningful support to you as you address items such as accounting and reporting issues, changing accounting standards, tax related questions and internal control structure enhancements. Learn more. 
Property & Real Estate Consulting
Our experts can evaluate your community’s portfolio of owned and leased space and assist in identifying opportunities that might exist to use your assets for the benefit of your mission and the support of your members. Whether buying, leasing, selling, or undertaking a large construction project, our professionals can provide you with expert analysis and guidance. We’ll develop solutions that align mission, ministry, and membership with real estate decisions. Learn more. 
Religious Member Well-Being
Member well-being analysis involves reviewing your philosophy and policies for addressing the needs of aging members and projections for the utilization and capacity of your real estate holdings. Through a comprehensive understanding of community life, we help you think through viable options for meeting members' residential and care needs now and in the future. Learn more. 


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In serving religious institutes for more than 65 years, we deeply understand that your mission and ministry are at the heart of your organization. We work diligently to appreciate them and ensure our services and advocacy are aligned to your mission, values, and operating philosophies.