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We're not outside consultants who come and go. We work within your organization — hand in hand with you — to learn your business, share your vision, and help you achieve more. In other words, we build a partnership. We partner with you every day to help you solve today's challenges and propel your organization forward to create lasting transformation. Let's get to work.

Are you collecting and leveraging the operational data and analytics needed to optimize business performance at every level?

Achieving your full potential means embedding your business analytics into every decision and process. Becoming a data-driven organization doesn't happen overnight — there are several maturity stages within the data journey. Our data experts can help you capture the value of your data no matter where you are on your analytics road trip. By identifying what data to collect and ensuring your analytics architecture and data governance are secure and support your business goals, you'll be able to use your data to understand and conquer your biggest business challenges. Learn how a Midwest manufacturer uses data analytics to gain customer insights.

Are you making mergers and acquisitions a central part of your growth strategy?

M&A, divestitures, and carveout transactions can bring fast, strategic organizational growth but not without challenges. We help organizations outperform the market and boost synergies with tailor-made strategies to retain and create value on day one and into the future. Read our white paper: Seven value creation strategies for private equity.

Are you managing supply chain disruption effectively?

Increasing efficiency and reducing costs never stop, but you need a supply chain strategy that supports a sophisticated, multipronged approach to achieve end-to-end supply chain and operations excellence. Our supply chain and operations experts help you expand your ability to face rapidly changing dynamics head-on. Learn how Industry 4.0 can help mitigate supply chain disruption.

Does your digital strategy, IT infrastructure, and analytics support growth?

Technology adoption drives transformational growth and enables the ability to be more nimble, flexible, and opportunistic at scale. A robust transformation roadmap can assess where you are today, define where you need to be tomorrow, and prioritize the steps to bring meaningful outcomes and value to your organization. We have technology, analytics, operations, and change management expertise to help you leapfrog your less agile competitors. To learn more, read and subscribe to our Digital Transformation insights.

Is your organization properly managing risk?

Organizations face risks every day. Those employing a holistic strategy are best equipped to prepare for and react to these risks, and thus, create value. Whether solving financial puzzles, protecting sensitive data, or strengthening internal control environments, we’ll set you up for success.

Is your organization protected from cyberattacks?

We know it’s difficult to protect your clients and customers, your data, and your staff while staying aware of new cyberthreats and cybersecurity risks. We go beyond technology and look at your entire cyberstructure — your people, processes, and technology — to identify proactive and creative strategies that defend against security threats. Learn more about our cyber defense methodology and keep your organization safe.

Ready to reimagine your business model to support growth and innovation?

Staying ahead means ongoing transformation to conquer disruption, embrace new possibilities, and take action — even when your organization is on top. Fast and sustained growth demands financial and operational innovation that manages change and builds a strong capital structure for today and beyond. We help you accelerate business performance and create long-term value for all stakeholders.


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The people you need. The partnership you deserve.

We’re not the consultants you’re used to. Sure, we’re known for our impactful results, but we also take the time to build a partnership with you, no matter the scope of work — and that’s your biggest advantage. We’re invested in your goals from day one; we integrate into your team and serve you with a focus on your long-term success. Our consultants take a holistic view of your business to help you set the right strategies, technologies, and people in place to survive and thrive through what’s next. Meet a few of our consulting leaders.

Our Clients Say
In my experience, Plante Moran is a highly capable and flexible partner that delivers on their commitments. I’ve used Plante Moran on various projects ranging from multinational post-merger integrations to emergency, short-time frame supply chain stand-up programs. Their performance on these projects has earned my trust as a partner. In every context, their practical approach to problem solving, the depth of subject matter expertise they bring to bear, and their genuine understanding and ultimate delivery of my desired outcomes has been exemplary. I highly recommend their services to any leader looking for genuine partnership on projects beyond their organization’s organic capability. Plante Moran can, and will, deliver.
Adam Johnson
Chief Executive Officer at Safeguard Medical