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Discernment of Mission and Charism

We know you have questions about the future of your mission and ministries.

As religious congregations look toward their future and consider the sustainability of their legacy, their sponsored works often become a focus. Generally, an underlying planning assumption is that one of the ways in which a congregation’s legacy will endure is through its sponsored works. Discerning which ministries align with sustaining the mission and charism, and how they might remain in that service to the congregation, is an essential element to planning for the future.

When a community begins to consider its ministries or apostolates as vehicles to sustain legacy, consideration should be given to the viability and mission effectiveness of those sponsored works. In addition to these considerations, the structures that define a congregation’s relationships with its ministries should be evaluated to determine if realignment is necessary.

Mechanisms should be developed to evaluate the financial-, operational-, and mission-effectiveness of current and future ministries in an ongoing way.

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Our Team

Through the range of services we have provided to religious institutes and their sponsored ministries we have been afforded the opportunity to develop an appreciation for and understanding of the mission, values, and operating philosophies of religious congregations and the integration of religious life with mission and ministry.  Our efforts have focused on ways to steward human and financial resources more effectively in order to further mission, ministry, and legacy.  This perspective allows us to bring best practices and alternatives to you, while providing you a tailored evaluation as a result of our experience of working with more than 175 Religious congregations and 800 Long-term care and senior housing facilities.