Finance, Operations, Audit, & Internal Control

Our Expertise

For more than 65 years we have served religious institutes and their ministries. Our understanding of the various operating practices of these entities enables us to approach our services efficiently and effectively. We recognize that religious institutes choose to engage auditors and financial consultants for several important reasons including providing for transparency to the members and donors, enhancing the effective stewardship of resources, and ensuring consistency of reporting with relevant standards. We hope to provide meaningful support to you as you address items such as accounting and reporting issues, changing accounting standards, tax related questions and internal control structure enhancements.

Client Experience

Working With Us

Through the range of services we have provided to religious institutes and their sponsored ministries we have been afforded the opportunity to develop an appreciation for and understanding of the mission, values, and operating philosophies of religious congregations and the integration of religious life with mission and ministry. 

Our efforts have focused on ways to steward human and financial resources more effectively in order to further mission, ministry, and legacy. This perspective allows us to bring best practices and alternatives to you, while providing you a tailored evaluation as a result of our experience of working with more than 175 religious congregations and 800 long-term care and senior housing facilities.