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Market Feasibility Norms: Changing Your Perspective

It's no longer enough to check penetrations rates and housing values before building or acquiring a senior living facility. In this webinar, you will learn how today's market is demanding a new approach to market feasibility and due diligence reports.

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Historically, seniors housing owners and operators seeking expansion follow a process: secure a market study, look at demand and penetration rates, and either pull the trigger on the project or acquisition or walk away.

With today's complex industry factors as well as an increasingly competitive market, do the normal practices need to be re-evaluated to address possible deficiencies in these reports? Based on our experience, the answer is yes.

In this free webinar sponsored by Plante Moran Living Forward, learn about the current state of market feasibility and due diligence reports and how today's market is demanding a new approach.

Market Feasibility Norms: Changing Your Perspective

Learning objectives

  • Learn about how the status quo related to market analysis and due diligence needs to change
  • Learn which data points are missing or misinterpreted in a traditional market study


  • Dana Wollschlager, Principal & Practice Leader, Plante Moran Living Forward
  • Jamie Timoteo, Vice President, Plante Moran Living Forward
  • Lana Peck, Senior Principal, National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC)
This post was updated September 20, 2017, and then again on November 20, 2017. The link above will redirect you to a webinar of the same topic on YouTube.

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