Real Estate Acquisitions & Dispositions

Our Expertise

Maintaining a strong real estate portfolio performance

We ensure each real estate transaction meets your overall investment objectives.

As market conditions and asset performance change, a thoughtful strategy and process for real estate acquisitions and dispositions is key to maintaining a strong portfolio performance. Plante Moran Real Estate Investment Advisors (REIA) can assist in all aspects of the acquisition and disposition processes to maintain an optimized real estate investment portfolio.

The range of real estate transaction expertise covered in this service line provides a breadth of capabilities that allow us to offer tailored and specific solutions to your real estate needs. Whether it be acquisitions, dispositions, or financing services, our dedicated professionals have the experience to serve you in any capacity:

Clients have found that we provide extensive value by pairing this service with our real estate asset management services and other real estate investment consulting services.

If you would like to learn how we can help you buy or sell commercial real estate for investing purposes, contact our team to discuss your investment goals.

In-depth real estate due diligence

When acquiring real estate, a deep dive into the property’s financials, operations, physical condition, and market position can uncover information that will affect future value of the investment. Due diligence is critical to mitigating risks and investing with greater confidence. Information and recommendations from our real estate due diligence team help mitigate risk, refine financial expectations, and ensure the ability to close deals. The approach our team takes is efficient and effective, taking into account your overall investment objectives, fluctuating market trends, and subtle economic indicators. Although we cannot eliminate risk, we can help maximize your opportunity for success. Learn more.

Tax + real estate = Superior 1031 exchange services

Taking advantage of the 1031 like-kind exchange tax strategy requires an experienced team to oversee the strict requirements of the 1031 tax code, identify suitable real estate investments with attractive risk-adjusted returns, and close within tight timelines.

Plante Moran REIA, in conjunction with Plante Moran’s tax team, can identify investment options that align with your overall strategy and objectives while considering your tax obligations, exposure, and reinvestment potential.  Learn more.

Unlocking the value of owned real estate with a sale-leaseback

Operating companies with owned real estate assets may find that sale-leasebacks are a sophisticated strategy to unlock capital. By selling your asset and entering into a lease with the new owner, you’re able to generate liquidity and deploy it elsewhere in your organization while retaining control over the real estate where you run your business.
Operating companies with owned real estate assets who are looking to sell their businesses can use a sale-leaseback simultaneous with the closing of the business to generate more proceeds from the sale of their business.

To reach your business and real estate objectives, the terms need to be right. Whether you’re looking for long-term stability or a flexible exit strategy, our team can help you structure the sale and lease terms to meet your needs.

Client Experience

Working with our real estate investment consultants

Plante Moran REIA’s multidisciplinary team uses market-driven insights to help you structure a real estate investment strategy to meet your individual goals and objectives, then execute on that strategy with a proven process for acquisitions and dispositions. We focus on identifying and mitigating risk while providing unbiased and transparent counsel for ongoing decision-making.

If you invest in commercial real estate, or would like to start investing in real estate, contact our team to begin a conversation about your investment goals.