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Market Studies & Site Selection

Identifying and acquiring the optimal location for a senior living facility is one of the most crucial elements of project planning. Our in-house real estate and senior living market study team can show you all your options.

After completing more than 200 senior living market studies and representing clients in millions of square feet of real estate transactions, our team has gained a unique perspective.

Our "boots on the ground" research and analysis looks beyond quantitative demand estimates from secondary sources. Instead, we calculate current economic conditions based on extensive on-site research of existing services, competitor price points, and other key metrics. We are especially adept in locating overlooked pocket markets with unmet need in many primary and secondary senior housing markets.

Senior living providers like you benefit from our in-house real estate team who provides a complete range of services, including:

  • Market feasibility studies
  • Site search and real estate transaction services
  • Lease, buy, build analysis
  • Comprehensive cross-site comparative financial modeling
  • Property due diligence

Whether you're developing a new greenfield for an independent living community or expanding memory care services within your assisted living community, with Plante Moran Living Forward's senior housing market analysis and site selection services, you will feel confident your senior living development project will be successful. Before you break ground or expand, let’s start a conversation today.

Q1 2018 Market Snapshot
Data for Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, and Minneapolis MSAs

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Market Studies & Site Selection Thought Leadership

  • Senior Living Market Snapshots: Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, & Minneapolis MSAs

    New senior living market data uncovers interesting trends in occupancy, inventory growth, and construction in the Midwest.

    Jacob Boss Plante Moran Living Forward Jamie Timoteo Plante Moran Living Forward Sally Heffernan Plante Moran Living Forward
    Whitepaper April 18, 2018 10 min read
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  • 200+ senior living market studies reveal an evolution in market research

    After completing more than 200 market studies, Plante Moran Living Forward’s Sally Heffernan explains the changes she’s seen in senior living industry market research.

    Sally Heffernan Plante Moran Living Forward
    Article March 23, 2018 2 min read
    Abacus and old-style telephone represent a change in how people do things over time
  • Market Snapshots: Chicago, Dayton, and Grand Rapids MSAs

    Staying informed of market data is a smart way to identify developing senior living trends and benchmark your community. Download our Market Snapshot reports to get the data you need to guide your next strategic decision.

    Sally Heffernan Plante Moran Living Forward Jamie Timoteo Plante Moran Living Forward
    Article Q4 2017 10 min read
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  • Why market feasibility studies need a major upgrade

    The market feasibility study is one of the only variables that hasn't changed in the senior living industry in the last 10 years. It's time to start looking at your market from a new perspective.

    Dana Wollschlager Plante Moran Living Forward
    Article November 30, 2017 1 min read
    Senior couple at end of a long dock looking out at a lake and mountains in the distance

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Working With Us

Our dedicated senior living market study and real estate site selection team will help ensure the success of your project from the start. And unlike other firms, we don’t operate or invest in senior living facilities — we’re completely independent and neutral. This means the advice and analysis our team provides is free from any conflicts of interest and solely focused on bringing you the most impactful and cost-effective solution for your organization and project.