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Every estate plan needs a devoted trustee

Article 2 min read
Anthony Belloli Wealth Management

The power of a trust

A personal trust can be an effective way to help control and protect your assets during your lifetime and later, to provide for a smooth transition of your personal and business matters for your loved ones. A well-conceived trust can help manage assets objectively in accordance with your wishes and remove administrative burdens from your beneficiaries while ensuring they continue to benefit from your legacy.

Plante Moran Trust’s approach to service

Plante Moran Trust’s approach is geared to your specific needs. Our trust experts can serve as trustee or co-trustee or act as a trustee’s agent if that solution is best for you. Your Plante Moran trust officer can work with your existing financial advisory team or, if you choose to transition to Plante Moran Financial Advisors, provide seamless service within our holistic and comprehensive wealth management practice. And if your needs change and evolve over the course of our relationship, Plante Moran Trust can adjust our services to continue to meet your needs.

Experience the difference

Plante Moran Trust’s entire team is dedicated to carrying out the wishes of the trust creator while taking into account the evolving needs of those that benefit from the trust. This role requires a trustee with experience, expertise, and the right amount of personal touch and empathy which, for Plante Moran Trust, is delivered through a trained and experienced staff who are dedicated to living Plante Moran’s “We Care” philosophy. The trust team’s flexible approach, whether you need a complete trust solution or a service provider who can work with an existing team of trusted advisors, ensures that you get the team you need to help deliver the results you desire.

An efficient, economical estate settlement solution

When it comes to settling an estate, you will appreciate the experience of Plante Moran Trust and its access to a range of advisors within the Plante Moran family of professional service groups.

Estate settlement can be very complex. Access to specialists in philanthropy, business valuation, tax, insurance, investment strategy, and corporate finance enables the Plante Moran Trust team to provide the comprehensive services needed for an efficient, economical estate settlement process.

By putting Plante Moran Trust in your estate plan documents, you will be naming trustees that are noted for their cooperation and coordination with legal counsel and other estate advisors. They will regularly communicate with all parties involved.

Our professionals can help the estate uncover opportunities to reduce compliance costs. For instance, perhaps the estate can file fewer returns or maybe it would be efficient for the beneficiaries to disclaim assets and pass them on to the next generation.

Our estate settlement team will explore the options and find the best answers for your estate.

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