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Stewarding the human and financial capital of your family

Multigenerational success is more than just passing wealth to the next generation. Your family’s legacy relies on proper stewardship, preparation, and education to ensure the wealth that you’ve built today can flourish for generations to come. Through expert guidance, best practices, and a direct focus on family harmony, we’ll help your family navigate the complexities of your wealth, including sharing a vision; preparing for future opportunities and communications, goal-setting, outlining responsibilities; and understanding the greater purpose and mission of your family wealth.

Working alongside you, we’ll create a customized experience that will help prepare your family members for what lies ahead. The process could include exploring core family values and history; financial literacy and education skills; real-world preparation for future business, philanthropic, and community endeavors; as well as other considerations unique to your family's objectives. Our approach to family meetings is straightforward; we share best practices and concepts for multigenerational wealth transfer and provide real-life experiences on how to best execute strategies that fit your family’s goals. We strive to foster an environment that benefits your family while supporting the distinct strengths and endeavors of each individual.

Our role throughout the process is not only to help you identify and define the goals for your family’s legacy but to continuously help you properly prepare for the responsibilities of stewardship. We never lose sight of what’s uniquely important to you and your legacy.


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When it comes to legacy, successful families don’t leave it to chance. As part of Plante Moran Wealth Management, our family legacy services team is dedicated to solutions that address your family’s business, financial, investment, and cultural assets in a coordinated and comprehensive manner. Our team embodies the high degree of expertise and wide-ranging capabilities necessary to help you achieve your family legacy goals. Let’s discuss how we can help you meet them.