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Recipe for success

There’s no secret formula for success in the food and beverage industry. Business leaders today face an evolving and unpredictable landscape, from shifts in consumer trends to complex and changing regulations. Add to that a host of operational challenges such as technology infrastructure, complicated value chains, and finding and retaining talent, and successful companies realize that they can’t do it all. That’s where we come in. With a complete suite of professional services including audit, tax, and business advisory services, we’ll help your business thrive.

Whether you’re growing or balancing a mature portfolio of brands, our food and beverage advisors use their industry expertise to bring innovative solutions to our clients. Our dedicated experts will visit your facilities, get to know your products, and build a relationship with you to fully understand your unique challenges and goals. We’ll immerse ourselves in your business and make sure you stay immersed in the industry.

We add value beyond compliance with tailored food and beverage consulting services, events like our annual Food Forum, presentations and attendance at various industry events and trade shows, and future-focused thought leadership. Hosted each fall, our Food Forum is a can’t-miss event for leaders in the food and beverage industry.

Made-to-order solutions

From audit, tax, and strategy, to costing solutions and supply chain optimization, to global expansion, real estate optimization, and transaction advisory services, we deliver practical and tailor-made solutions for each client. We work with a range of industry clients, including distributors, breweries, wineries, confectioners, cooperatives, frozen food, and nonalcoholic beverages, as well as processors of produce, protein, nutraceuticals, spirits, and dairy, among others.

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Are you getting valuable, actionable ideas from your audit? Our tailored, risk-based audit process will give you peace of mind and insights for improvements.

Big data disruption

How are you keeping up with demographic shifts and changes in consumer purchasing habits? These changes provide great growth opportunities, as well as risk. Are you prepared to adapt and innovate without compromising your bottom line? We’ll ensure you’re positioned to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks so you don’t get left behind.


Import and export taxes, trade deals, and the cost and availability of labor and materials can all severely impact your strategic goals and bottom line. With heightened innovation and consolidation, finding complementary cross-border acquisition targets that will generate strong returns is more competitive than ever. How are you managing global growth?

Mergers and acquisitions

Is an acquisition, sale, or merger right for your company? What’s your growth strategy? Achieving the synergies and economies of scale with your acquisition while avoiding the unforeseen risks that can unravel integrity can be challenging. Do you have the tools for a successful integration? Our team can ensure your people, processes, and policies are ready for your next step.

Operational efficiency

Efficient and streamlined processes are key for growth and success, and compliance with safety and other regulations requires strong operating controls. Additionally, new product lines, facilities, and markets create risks that may not be adequately covered by current controls. Are your current operating controls up to the task? Do you have an appropriate investment in technology?

Succession planning

A comprehensive succession plan, well beyond just a list of potential candidates, helps mitigate risk and ensure continued success. How are you handling the dynamics of transitioning leaders?

Tax planning structuring and compliance

Are you optimizing your tax position? Our tax professionals know federal, state, and local tax codes inside and out and will ensure you’re not leaving money on the table.

Are you ready to level up for Industry 4.0? Use our guidebook to accelerate transformation.

Missed the 2021 Food and Beverage Forum? Hear how industry leaders are overcoming supply chain challenges and addressing the changing face of retail.

Client Experience

The partner you never knew you needed

Our clients receive the best of both worlds: the flexibility and personal touch you’d expect from smaller firm, and the resources we bring as a national firm. Each client relationship is unique and scalable. You can trust that we’ll be more than your service provider — we’ll be your partner and confidant.

Clients also love that they don’t need to train our staff. We already know the industry, and we put in the work to understand your unique business. We’ve been on the Fortune “100 Best Companies to Work For” list for the last couple decades, so our staff tends to stick around — you won’t find a revolving door of account managers here, but you will find the unexpected value of having a trusted partner to confide in. As our food and beverage industry leader, Paul Edwards, puts it, “It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it.”

Our clients say

"We felt like their values aligned totally with our values. There’s tremendous alignment and accessibility.”

Sean Zecman, President, National Food Group