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Tailored valuation services for complex needs

When you need to determine the value of a business, real property, personal property, or intangible assets, we have the experience to help you answer: What’s it all worth?

Don’t leave money on the table or expose your business to unnecessary risk. When we conduct a valuation, we consider all relevant methods, which may include an asset approach, income approach, and market approach. We go beyond the information provided in financial statements and tax returns to examine industry conditions, changing regulations, competing organizations, the strength of your products and services, the productivity of your workforce, and future growth prospects.

Valuation starts with comprehensive expertise

Our valuation services are built on a combination of client-focused service and deep industry experience. With experts specializing across many industries and various types and sizes of organizations, our team of valuation professionals recognizes inherent risks and can provide thorough subject matter expertise. We’ll meet your objectives with tailored, on-target solutions every time, allowing you to gain clarity and make confident decisions when the stakes are high. Our valuation services include:
Dispute resolution
It’s not uncommon for buyers and sellers to disagree about various aspects of the purchase price adjustment (PPA) mechanisms after an acquisition. Dispute resolution can be complex, but our team of valuation professionals will help you navigate the uncertainties related to working capital, earnout, and breaches of representations and warranties disputes — saving you time and money and reducing risk.
Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)
Between regulatory issues, cascading tax changes, and the inherent complexity of this ownership structure, ESOPs face stricter guidance and more scrutiny from regulatory bodies such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) than ever before. It’s important that independent advisors have considerable experience valuing ESOPs. We can help.
Equity compensation & incentive plans
Performance-based equity compensation plans continue to be an increasingly popular component of long-term incentive programs. Fortunately, our national valuation professionals understand these plans and the regulatory environment surrounding them.
Financial reporting
Our advisors understand the impactful details when valuation results appear in audited financial statements. Our work routinely withstands scrutiny from the highest levels of third-party audit reviewers and regulatory bodies so you can trust us to develop a valuation that will minimize challenges and avoid delays to your audit timeline.
Purchase & sale advisory
Whether you own 100% or a 5% minority interest, understanding the present and future value of your business interest is critical. Our valuation experts will combine the powerful analytical skills and tools with real-world transaction experience to assess the value of your business interest objectively and accurately.
Strategic valuation consulting
Modeling how long-term organizational value will be impacted today by key decisions such as future capital raises or acquisitions will ensure shareholder value is optimized. Our valuation team will provide an independent look at your risk and options, using proven tools and methodologies to analyze current state and opportunities to make the right short- and long-term decisions.
Succession planning (estate & gift tax)
It’s never too early to establish a proper ownership succession plan that anticipates and accounts for possible estate and gift tax reform. To begin this process, our valuation consultants can help you answer the most important question: What’s your business really worth?
Tangible asset appraisals

Machinery & equipment appraisals. Our valuation experts understand the intricacies of various types of machinery in a range of industries. Whatever your need, we’ll provide an authoritative report in conformance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) and with the guidelines established by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).

Real estate appraisals. We perform reviews and valuations for a wide range of property types for a broad group of clients, including accountants, attorneys, builders, developers, corporations, financial institutions, government authorities, pension funds, private equity investors, and individual property owners.

Transaction opinions

Fairness opinions. A fairness opinion isn’t an opinion about the best price that can be achieved for a transaction but rather a judgment from a qualified and independent party regarding the appropriateness of a transaction based on the financial consideration being given or received.

Solvency opinions. Decision-making for companies and their boards of directors might seem straightforward, but the potential impact could be more complicated once you consider everything beneath the surface. A solvency opinion provides an independent perspective to determine the impact on the overall business and help prevent fraudulent transfers and illegal dividends or distributions.


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Client Experience

A highly skilled and experienced team you can trust

As rules and regulations constantly change, we're at the forefront to ensure our work product meets the requirements mandated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), and other regulatory bodies. Whether you need consulting, a formal valuation, due diligence, a fairness opinion, or expert witness testimony, our opinions have been accepted by the IRS, federal and state courts, and national accounting firms throughout the country.

Our clients say

We recently engaged the team at Plante Moran to assist us with our Pre and Post Acquisition Integration activities.  BioScrip had previously executed a number of acquisitions, but our Board of Directors wanted to leverage additional resources and integration expertise to accelerate the expected synergies and impact to be realized through the integration.  We engaged the team at Plante Moran and simply said - Plante Moran was an outstanding partner for us and our team.  They were pragmatic in approach, candid with feedback and ultimately both challenging and supportive to the Board of Directors, Executive Management, and Management team level.  The combination of overarching expertise in Project Management, Change Management, and Communication combined with technical expertise in finance, human resources, information technology, supply chain and operations enabled the Plante Moran team to contribute across the many dimensions of a complex and strategically critical acquisition integration.  Plante Moran demonstrated a knack to integrate the two organizations by neutralizing the dynamics of uncertainty in an integration and quickly align and focus the combined team on a common mission.   The results have surpassed prior acquisition results and our expectations.  Plante Moran has and will continue to be a strategic partner to our organization.

Dan Greenleaf
Former President and Chief Executive Officer, BioScrip