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Tax enforcement efforts are on the rise at the federal and state levels. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced campaigns focusing on complex partnerships and highly technical areas of tax law, like the Research & Development (R&D) Credit, and state taxing authorities have similarly increased their efforts in recent years. Looking forward, we expect to see more federal and state tax audits than in the past, with greater emphasis on complex issues. What does this mean for you? Straightforward and simple tax audits may be a thing of the past, but we’re here to help.

Our tax controversy group is built on experience and led by a team with expertise in the most complex tax controversy areas, like mergers and acquisitions and other business transactions, the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), R&D credits, and state and local income tax issues. Tax audits can be complex, lengthy, and expensive. Modern tax audits involve many strategic considerations, so hiring a skilled tax controversy expert early on in your audit can significantly improve your chances of a positive result. We will collaborate to work efficiently toward the best result in your tax controversy matter.

Our tax controversy services

Our tax controversy specialists are experts in resolving a variety of tax controversy matters that may arise in your business.
Federal tax collections
Taxpayers who owe money to the IRS still have strategy options, rights, and, in some cases, defenses to payment. Our experts can guide you through the collections process and advocate for the best outcome.
IRS audit defense and appeals
A robust IRS audit defense led by a skilled tax controversy team can help you navigate the complexities of modern tax audits and set you up for a favorable outcome. With an increased focus on tax enforcement efforts, it’s more important than ever to set yourself up for success in your tax audit or appeal by involving our skilled professionals early on.
Navigating partnership audit rules
IRS audits conducted under the Bipartisan Budget Act (BBA) partnership audit rules can present traps for the unwary. Our team is experienced with BBA audit procedures, and we stay current on the most effective strategies for successfully defending your BBA partnership audit. We also have experience navigating the state and local tax results impact of a BBA partnership audit.
Penalty and other notice responses
Understanding the procedural requirements, tools at your disposal, and avenues for addressing penalties and resolving other notices from tax authorities can significantly impact your outcome. Our tax controversy team can help you take full advantage of the options available to you when responding to tax authority notices.
Private letter ruling requests
A Private Letter Ruling (PLR) request can be a valuable mechanism for correcting missed elections and receiving guidance on gray areas of tax law, like the tax treatment of mergers and reorganizations. We’ll help you take full advantage of the process by preparing a PLR request based on compelling arguments and a strong strategy.
State and local tax matters
Our experts can help you navigate the complexities of state- or local-specific tax audits and enforcement efforts, including income and franchise taxes, sales and use tax, gross receipts taxes, or personal property taxes. Our team is knowledgeable on the key state and local tax issues and equipped to assist you with the tax enforcement efforts in your state.
Taxpayer account issue resolution
The process for resolving taxpayer account issues, including employer identification number (EIN) errors and other taxpayer account issues, is difficult to navigate. Our experts are experienced in addressing these issues and can help you chart the simplest path to a quick resolution.

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Client Experience

Skilled advocates leveraging extensive experience

Tax controversy matters can take many forms, and our diverse team of CPAs and attorneys leverage their valuable experience in complex tax matters, litigation, and state, local, and federal tax disputes to drive the best outcomes for our clients. Our team has extensive experience representing clients in virtually all areas of tax controversy and can bring clarity to an otherwise challenging topic. Resolving tax controversies effectively requires a skilled advocate in your corner, well-versed in the complexities of tax law and the practicalities of business operations.

We understand the challenges taxpayers face when trying to resolve tax disputes with tax authorities. We’ll bring our expertise and remain in your corner every step of the way.