Our Expertise
The future of mobility starts today.

The global automotive industry is facing unprecedented transformation. Today’s electrification and mobility trends are converging — enabling each other, compressing timelines, and reinventing the industry. What can you expect? Expect to build a new business model. Expect to recreate most business functions. The time to future-proof is now.

As experts in automotive accounting and consulting, we offer more than opinions. We deliver proprietary market insights, strategic vision, and practical solutions to help you innovate and grow globally. Worldwide, our practice serves more than 500 automotive clients with engagements ranging from audit, tax planning and compliance, and ERP, to strategic planning, international consulting, and transaction advisory. We have experience serving original equipment and aftermarket suppliers as well as OEMs and conduct an annual North American OEM-Supplier Working Relations Index® (WRI®) Study, focused on measuring and improving OEM-supplier working relations. We’ve also launched our mobility forecast powered by AutoForecast Solutions to provide data-driven insights & support.

To compete in tomorrow’s automotive market, you’ll need to rethink your business model and adopt new strategies now. We’re here with diverse services to help you restructure your business functions to respond to the industry’s ongoing transformation.

Opportunity abounds for those with their sights on the road ahead

We’ll provide the confidence you need to make the right decisions and grow safely and profitably in an increasingly challenging environment. Are you prepared for the future of the automotive industry? Reach out today to find out how we can help you with:
A clear and accurate financial picture supports sound decision-making, especially in times of change. Do you have a timely, complete audit that addresses all areas of risk? Can you count on actionable insights and practical recommendations? Our team of automotive industry audit professionals will help you navigate ever-changing regulations while providing an audit that gives you the confidence to act decisively.
From electric vehicles to autonomous technology and ride-sharing, are you prepared to face these changes?  With new business models to consider — as well as new risks, and competition — disruption in the industry will continue to evolve. We’ll help you face the challenges today and tomorrow, mitigating risk and reigniting your business.
How are you handling the shift to global supply chains, platforms, and production? Do you understand the mix of risks, growth, and profit potential that might exist in foreign markets? Whether dealing with trade wars or the nuances of expansion and competition, our experts will arm you with the expertise and insights needed to make sound business decisions.
Operational efficiency
How do you address cost pressures and stay competitive — without compromising your bottom line? From costing and supply chain, to strategy and IT, we have seasoned experts to help you drive improved operations.
Tax planning, structuring, and compliance
With ever-changing tax codes in the United States and around the world, are you leaving cash on the table? With tax experts focused solely on automotive clients, we’ll help you achieve the most favorable tax positions.

It’s time to rethink your business model and adopt new strategies. Visit our Mobility Intelligence Center for data-driven insights to help you innovate and grow.

Client Experience
A future-focused partner at your side

With nearly 100 years of experience serving automotive clients, we understand what drives the industry. Our experienced and trusted automotive experts will help you solve today’s problems without losing sight of tomorrow. What does this mean for you? It means that we understand your challenges and opportunities. We’re efficient, proactive, and future-focused. And, you’ll never doubt our work.

Furthermore, our clients say our approach is honest yet respectful, that our solutions are innovative but actionable, and that we’re attentive and thorough. They know we’ll work shoulder to shoulder with them as a member of the team. In the words of our automotive consulting practice leader Daron Gifford, “Our clients appreciate our straightforward advice to help them make decisions; whether it’s good news or bad, we’re always candid because we know, in the long run, it’ll help them reach their goals.”

Our clients say

Our Plante Moran consultant is a trusted, highly respected, and integral part of our organization. He is our expert on industry and market issues and consistently delivers top value while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

Steven Perlman
Chief Executive Office, The Intec Group