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Turn insights into action with data analytics

Organizations are generating an increasingly large volume of data through new technologies and synergies. Data can be a powerful asset, but it’s only useful if you can collect, catalog, and turn it into meaningful trends and observations. We help our clients transform into data-driven organizations with strong governance and advanced analytical capabilities.

We’re driven to help you minimize risk and empower your organization to achieve lasting results through a combination of industry specialization and deep technical knowledge. Our clients span industry sectors, including government, higher education, K-12 institutions, construction companies, manufacturers, health systems and health insurance companies, among others. We understand that each organization has unique needs and challenges. Our industry-tailored methodology accelerates the changes and investments necessary to transform your data into actionable insights.

Optimize and sustain your investments in analytics capabilities

Our approach to data analytics is collaborative and designed to help you establish and mature your analytics program capabilities. Access to talent and various specialties that may be required is a challenge for most middle-market organizations. Our team consists of consultants, data scientists, engineers, and analysts who are all passionate believers in unlocking the possibilities in your data. We’ll ensure our clients have the resources and expertise needed to keep their organizations ahead of the curve. You’ll become more efficient, agile, and equipped to make informed decisions.

Analytics training and mentoring
We offer training paths customized by role on industry-standard analytics software. Examples could be developing and delivering self-paced training to end-users; or mentoring your technical staff to go deep into your data sources and develop a thorough understanding and interpretation of the data, and present their findings clearly and accurately.
Business intelligence and data visualization
Our business intelligence (BI) services are focused on driving informed decision-making and optimizing outcomes from increasing revenue to managing your costs and profitability. We develop dynamic data visualization tools, dashboards, and reports that identify KPIs, define them, and break them down into easy-to-understand metrics. Our guidance will make performance management simpler and more effective, and we can also help you manage risk by performing exception tests to ensure that potential issues are identified before they develop.
Data management and governance
Your data won’t provide much value if it’s disorganized or if you lack master data management and data democratization capabilities. Our data management services establish an integrated governance and storage environment, including data warehousing and data lakes. We can also help improve the quality and accessibility of your data, so the available insights can be broadly understood and easily applied.
Data strategy and data culture
Are you using data as a strategic asset? Making the most out of your data requires purpose, and it needs to be accompanied by cohesive, organizationwide effort — and an expert by your side. We’ll evaluate the current state of your people, processes, and technology, and provide recommendations that will help you foster a data-driven culture with a strong strategic vision. We can assist with identifying potential roles, leaders, and organizational structures that will support an analytics-focused environment.
Strategic alliances
We maintain strategic alliances with leading data and analytics software providers — Informatica, Snowflake, Tableau, and Qlik to name a few — so we have the relationships and specific expertise to help you make the most out of your software and obtain maximum value from the analytics, management, visualization, and storage solutions on offer. We can also provide technical training to your staff to ensure you have a deep bench of in-house experts, too.

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Client Experience

You deserve more than a data analytics consultant

We bring more to the table than just data and analytics expertise. We build meaningful relationships and focus on the issues that matter most to our clients. We’re not here to sell you specific analytics software or offer a “one-size-fits-all” service model; we pay close attention to your needs and develop custom solutions that comprehensively resolve your issues.

In the words of one of our data analytics leaders, Chris Moshier, “Most of my clients say that they find exceptional value in my pragmatic approach, which demystifies the hype around data analytics to deliver practical solutions. I love helping people discover that elusive “aha” moment through their data and am proud to lead our team of data analytics consultants who do the same.”

Our clients say
Our partnership with Plante Moran allowed us to streamline the selection and implementation of an analytics platform to provide enterprise reporting while advancing our ability to grow organically and through acquisitions. With custom-designed dashboards and near-time deeper insights across all operation centers, we can quickly access where we’re making money and where we are not, allowing us to communicate across our team and take focused action. The Plante Moran team challenged our thinking and expanded our vision. The result was better than anticipated, allowing our team to do their day job and enabling our team to expand our new analytics program over time. They are a true partner from beginning to end.
Bill McDougall
CFO, retired, MasTech Energy Solutions, Inc.
With the asphalt sales dashboard, we’ve made significant strides in efficiency. We’re managing our inventory better than ever before, since our tonnage totals are constantly updating, and we can see our inside and outside sales data. One of the most valuable parts of the asphalt dashboard is the ability to compare current sales to our company and industry benchmarks. It means that I can follow our trucks and their loads, bill for freight accurately, and adjust our plans accordingly. Our estimates are also more accurate and timely since we’re not tied to a set report schedule from the plants that may or may not have been outdated; now I know that I’m receiving the current data. We’ve been impressed with all aspects of working with Plante Moran, from the onboarding process and the depth of the team to their experience and responsiveness. I’m looking forward to our continued partnership.
Jeremy Manafi
Controller, Prairie Contractors, LLC