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Turn your business analytics data into action

You have more data at your fingertips than ever before — but what does it all mean? Drawing actionable insight from larger, disparate data sources isn't easy. We help clients grow into business analytics to become data-driven organizations. Our team of consultants, data scientists, engineers, and analysts help you transform your data into an intelligent resource that improves performance and gives you a competitive advantage.

  • We're data scientists. As problem-solvers, we're passionate about helping you make informed decisions through business analytics. Our experts specialize by industry and serve clients ranging from large hospitals and global manufacturers to higher learning institutions and government entities. We understand the unique issues in your industry and tailor our analytics solutions to address your needs.
  • We're practical. Data analytics is our domain, not our deliverable. Yes, we develop predictive algorithms, train machine learning models, and design compelling data visualizations and dashboards. Still, our job isn't finished until we've delivered practical solutions that guide your strategies and inform your actions.
  • We're collaborative. Data transcends your organization, and our team will help you unite your information technology, business operations, and executive leadership through enterprise analytics initiatives. Our goal is to expand and transfer capabilities and skills to bridge the gaps and help establish your own Analytics Center of Excellence to sustain success and make data work for you.

You deserve more than a data analytics consultant. We’re not just data experts. Sure, we like our charts and predictive algorithms, but we go beyond the numbers to take a holistic view of your organization, your needs, and the issues you’re facing to provide practical, actionable solutions.

Data is only one piece of a complicated puzzle. Our Analytics Center of Excellence draws on the collective power of our firm’s expertise and experience to ensure you receive the best team — regardless of industry or location — engaged and dedicated to moving your organization forward.

Drive success with your data

We’ve worked with organizations like yours to deliver customized data solutions. Our Analytics Center of Excellence has expertise across numerous industries and services with a focus on:

Data strategy
The biggest disruptors across every industry have climbed to the top by optimizing the value extracted from their data. With all of the hype around data analytics and machine learning, you may not know where to start. Data is the new oil, and we specialize in helping you develop a practical strategy for refining your abundant data reservoir into a usable resource.
Healthcare analytics
In healthcare, data drives life-changing decision-making. We’ll help you draw insight from your financial and operational performance data to transform your business and improve patient outcomes. Our field-proven experts will help your clinical staff, executive leadership, and information technology teams triage, assess, and create value from your data.
Risk analytics
In our increasingly data-driven world, analytics and related technologies are essential for risk management. We incorporate data analytics into our risk assessments and internal audits to help you uncover the anomalies in your internal data. We'll help identify your internal controls' risks and distill trends in external data that pose risks to your business. Read our featured article on and learn how we help organizations achieve resilience with forward-thinking risk management strategies.
Strategic alliance partners
Our strategic alliances combine Plante Moran's expertise with the world's leading technology vendors to help your organization make data-driven decisions, maintain a competitive advantage, and optimize your business. Our partners include—Alteryx, Amazon Web Services, Informatica, and Snowflake.
Supply chain and operational analytics
No area of your organization generates more data than your supply chain and operational processes — but how are you harnessing this data to generate value and take action? Faced with tighter margins in a fiercely competitive global marketplace, you should be relying heavily on your data to detect leakages, eliminate inefficiencies, and unlock your profit potential.

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Client Experience

We’ll help you discover your “aha” moment — not sell software solutions.

We help clients find answers quickly and efficiently through collaboration and meaningful relationships. While other firms may sell analytics software, we’re committed to unraveling your needs to provide practical, data-driven solutions for sustainable success. We’re not here to offer a cookie-cutter data analytics solution; we’re here to help solve your issues.

In the words of our data analytics leader, Chris Moshier, “Most of my clients say that they find exceptional value in my pragmatic approach, which demystifies the hype around data analytics to deliver practical solutions. I love helping people discover that elusive “aha” moment through their data and am proud to lead our team of data scientists and data strategists who do the same.”