Financial Statement Audit

Our Expertise

We believe the audit should function as more than a historical compliance activity — it should provide ideas and suggestions to improve accounting procedures and internal controls. Our process includes discussions with you to review your financial statements and the insights they contain — all to help you balance risk, value, and cost.

When we audit your organization’s financial statement, you benefit from our thoroughness and professionalism as well as our focus on client service. Our reputation, and our respected audit opinions help you assure stakeholders, as well as tax authorities, banks, regulators, suppliers, customers, and employees that your financial statement accurately represents the state of your organization.

Our team of specialists knows the challenges and business risks facing your industry and takes the time to listen to your organization's unique concerns. Depending on the needs you've identified, we also offer clients other attest services, including reviews and compilation. We can also assist with performing specified procedures, limited use reports, and procedures in relation to parent company reporting packages.

Plante Moran audit quality and transparency report


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Client Experience

Our Team

Our audit specialists are committed to streamlining the audit process to minimize disruption in your offices. We utilize proven tools, a structured methodology, and effective technology to streamline the audit process to provide a smooth, efficient audit. Our low staff turnover means you’ll see many of the same faces on your audit year after year, and you won’t have to spend time answering lots of questions.

We view our role as one of advisor as well as auditor, working with you throughout the year to address technical matters and challenges. Our audit professionals will understand key indicators on your financial statement, and are able to benchmark your operation against others in the same industry and suggest opportunities for efficiencies and savings. They also suggest ways to improve controls to ensure the quality of the information your accounting system generates and that you depend on to make important day-to-day decisions. And, they will help you interpret the financial information which is so important as you develop plans for the future.

Our clients say

Plante Moran accountants always provide us with useful and innovative recommendations. They have gone beyond just validating our financial records by suggesting ways to contain our transportation costs and better manage risk. They offered us successful approaches to our complicated tax issues and served as trusted advisors during an ownership change. We have learned to depend on them for expertise to enhance the value of our companies.

Gary Houtz
CFO, The Columbus Serum Companies