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Success starts with strategy

Strategy is the driver for powerful business results. Creating and updating your strategic plan to account for an ever-changing business environment is essential. Too often, businesses make the mistake of only planning for strategy once a year or every few years. Or worst, they get buried in the day-to-day tactics and abandon it altogether. Strategy can be fraught with risk — from too narrow a focus that doesn’t consider global strategies for driving growth and transformation, to getting bogged down and overwhelmed with regulatory changes or emerging technology.

We’ll help you focus while providing the direction you need. Our strategic recommendations and tools are both practical and executable. We’ll deliver a detailed blueprint that includes the who, what, when, where, and how to help drive your success.

We’ll help you define — and achieve — your vision

With a forward-thinking perspective, we’ll help define your vision, assess your core competencies, perform market and customer analytics, and develop and implement your strategic plan. Our services include:

Core competencies assessment

Do your organization’s current capabilities and products support growth? We’ll help you identify core competencies, as well as the new competencies needed to achieve your goals. We’ll provide an unbiased, outside perspective to help identify differentiators and how you stand out from the competition.

Market dynamics analysis

Are you creating a new product? Considering an acquisition in a different market segment? Our specialists will identify your current strengths, weaknesses, and your market position, including benchmarking against the competition. Our comprehensive market analysis will provide insights into any market entry barriers, identify future market technologies, and determine where you should focus future product development.

Merger & acquisition strategy

Are you considering growth via acquisition? Our strategic M&A and commercial transaction advisors will clarify future growth opportunities and identify acquisition synergies by analyzing the target’s financial forecast, operational analysis, and market strength. A detailed understanding of these items will support a favorable transaction price, mitigate risk, and ultimately provide you a higher return on investment.

Strategy development

Do you have immature business processes or limited physical or human resources that may be hindering your growth? Our team will conduct financial sensitivity, risk, and market analyses, among others, to help you make informed business decisions about your organization’s future. The resulting strategic plan will make it clear where you need to spend your most valuable company resources: time, human capital, and money. We can help develop your strategic plan or validate and refine your current plan.

Strategy implementation

You have your goals; now how do you accomplish them? Our specialists will provide a customized approach to strategy implementation that will help you avoid or mitigate three key breakdowns: communication, commitment, and accountability. We’ll support the review and management of your progress, monitor KPIs, and develop objective, forthright assessments to assure that your investment capital is deployed effectively.

Vision & strategy discovery

Are you profitable, but not growing at the rate you’d hoped?  Whether you’re new to the market or an established player, a solid, strategic plan will help strengthen your market position, outpace competition, and leverage your brand to exploit growth opportunities in key markets. Our strategists will help you identify and refine your vision for the future.

Our Unique Advantage

Our focus is strategic value. We know that to be effective, strategies need to account for market uncertainties, regulatory changes, and disruptors. We keep you — and your strategic plans — up to speed through industry-specific updates on current and future trends, market insights, and potential disruptors. As your business partner, we’ll use tailored modeling tools and provide in-depth — and always current — market research to keep your business ahead of the curve. And, with a design and development process rooted in data and fact, we provide unbiased, actionable guidance and recommendations.

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Client Experience

Your goals are our goals

We’ll become an extension of your team, working collaboratively to get you where you want to be. We won’t just spit out a report or offer canned advice. We’ll be there, on site, working with your people to understand the nuances of your organization and how that affects your goals. Our personal approach makes your goals our goals, and your problems our problems. When we work as a team, it allows us to drill down to the root cause of concerns and solve them in a logical and structured manner.

The result? A custom, executable strategy that you can implement today for ongoing success. In the words of our strategy practice leader, Mark Barrott, “Looking forward is absolutely critical to future success — and to me, a great strategy means one that’s applicable today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now.”