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To achieve growth, you must embrace change and position your organization for long-term sustainable success. Speed to market. Supply chain disruptions. Regulatory and risk management. These are just a few challenges organizations across the life sciences and medical device industries balance daily to execute the entire product life cycle from its conception, design, and manufacturing to FDA approval and supply chain and distribution. Financial and operational leaders are rethinking priorities, leveraging data, and transforming business models to stay competitive and positioned for the future of health. Taking a proactive approach to managing growth and transformation at a tactical, financial, and strategic level can turn barriers into opportunities and increase revenue.

That’s where we come in. Whether you’re expanding globally, optimizing tax incentives, managing risk, executing a merger or acquisition, or looking to improve your current operations, we have a deep and diverse bench of tax, audit, and consulting experts to help. We serve bioscience, medical device, pharmaceutical, and life sciences clients of all sizes and structures, from pre-revenue startups to public companies with billions in annual revenue and nonprofit research and incubator organizations. With decades of experience serving medical device and life sciences clients, we're equipped to deliver customized solutions to embrace healthcare innovation and drive your industry forward.

Total tax, audit, and consulting solutions designed to help you make bold moves and unlock new sources of growth

Achieve strategic growth

We help you discover big-picture thinking and answers that solve the complex problems that can hinder success. Through market analysis, pricing strategies, and transformative technology, we help you define and fulfill your strategic goals.

Advance manufacturing
Turn disruption into strategic innovation and radically transform how your organization produces existing products and creates new products. Those who respond with innovative manufacturing can revitalize declining operations or propel a startup to new heights while maintaining quality and delivery standards. Whether you need to improve your existing operations, optimize your manufacturing footprint, transfer production management, or startup a new facility, our experts can help you take control, improve financial performance, exceed customer expectations, and retain the right talent.
Advance your position through mergers and acquisitions

We partner with you through all stages of your deal life cycle, from financial, tax, operational, and technology due diligence to integration modeling, planning, and execution. We help identify potential synergistic opportunities for value creation and realization. Our tailored team of experts ensures a seamless deal process that accelerates integration and avoids risk.

Drive value through digital transformation and advanced decision-making

Digital transformation means using the proper technology to harness the business intelligence necessary to inform more imaginative and efficient decision-making. We take time to understand your organization and design a data architecture and management process that helps you maximize dashboards to conduct critical margin analysis and understand cost drivers.

Manage talent and leadership succession
People fuel your organization’s success. Whether you’re ready for large-scale leadership changes, recently went through a merger or acquisition, or want to improve an already stellar culture, we can help. We help organizations hire the right people, improve effectiveness, and create succession planning and management that identifies your leaders for tomorrow. 
Navigate risk and accounting complexities
Today’s landscape means risk can emerge from unexpected places. That’s why we help you manage cybersecurity and enterprise risk, remain Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant, and stabilize and optimize accounting and finance functions so you can risk the right way for strategic growth and innovation.
Optimize your supply chain and distribution network
Supply chain challenges like delayed deliveries and stockouts take on additional urgency in the medical device arena, where patient well-being depends heavily on timely and accurate delivery. Our experts work alongside you to improve inventory management, execute sourcing strategies, optimize your distribution network, and implement a sales and operations plan that create improved customer service levels and higher product revenues.
Pursue global expansion
Choosing the right partner for global expansion means you have a partner to help navigate supply chain considerations, hire for multinational organizations, and examine audit and accounting, tax, and country-specific regulatory updates to help you stay informed and aware of key happenings around the globe.
Resolve and prevent accounting and reporting issues

Strategic tax planning and financial reporting compliance are essential to the success of your organization. We take an integrated approach to help you implement new accounting standards, address complex technical accounting and financial reporting requirements (e.g., business combinations, management equity awards, and revenue recognition), realize research and develop tax credits, navigate complex transfer pricing requirements and potential impact of the Inflation Reduction Act, and deliver accurate, timely financial statements.


Risk management strategies for growth and innovation

Smart manufacturing

Inflation Reduction Act tax credits


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Reduce supplier risk & identify opportunities

Client Experience

Specialized expertise for a specialized industry

Our experts — many of whom come to us from organizations just like yours — dedicate their careers to the life sciences industry. Each team member averages over 25 years of experience across manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare — including clinical, cost management, M&A, transformation, strategy, tax, audit, and more. Our experts translate “30,000-foot” concepts, directions, and strategies into implementable solutions that produce measurable results. We provide the depth of expertise, proactive ideas, and a hands-on approach you need to achieve your goals.

Our clients say
In my experience, Plante Moran is a highly capable and flexible partner that delivers on their commitments. I have used Plante Moran on various projects ranging from multinational post-merger integrations to emergency, short-timeframe supply chain stand-up programs. Their performance on these projects has earned my trust as a partner. In every context, their practical approach to problem-solving, the depth of subject matter expertise they can bring to bear, and their genuine understanding and ultimate delivery of my desired outcomes have been exemplary. I highly recommend their services to any leader looking for genuine partnership on projects beyond their organization's organic capability. Plante Moran can, and will, deliver.
Adam Johnson
CEO, Safeguard Medical