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Fortify your cyber defenses with our proven solutions

In today’s increasingly digital world, your customers, prospects, and even future staff expect your organization to have a protected digital presence. As your technologies continue to grow and expand, so does your exposure to cyberthreats. It’s no longer enough to simply protect your data and systems, you also need to build a defense program for unforeseen cyberattacks.

Establishing a strong cybersecurity program centered around defense needs to be a top priority for your business. Cybersecurity threats don’t always come from a sophisticated hacking effort — people with very little technical knowledge and know-how have the capability to pull off major breaches and threaten your organization. A proactive approach to threat detection and response is crucial to ensure your business is protected.

Cybersecurity graphic depicting cybersecurity defense.

Our team of cybersecurity experts has established a cyber defense methodology based on decades of experience providing cybersecurity and technology audit services for clients. Our overall cybersecurity framework uses a risk-based approach to map controls covering the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and data, while complying with customer expectations and the numerous security and privacy regulations imposed upon organizations today. By focusing on three major considerations for effective cybersecurity implementations – people, process, and technology – our services are designed to help organizations implement and maintain an effective cybersecurity program. Fortifying your cyber defenses is a rigorous, ongoing effort; our approach will help you structure, simplify, and  standardize the process.

A future-focused approach is essential

Many organizations use past incidents — rather than future threats and scenarios — to build their cybersecurity program. Our team of over 100 dedicated cybersecurity consultants are future-focused and stay at the forefront of industry trends and regulations to help you build a cyber defense strategy that can manage and mitigate the next big threat.

Our cybersecurity services include:

Cyber advisory

Cybersecurity is a complex challenge, and many organizations have limited resources to implement an effective cyber program. Our cyber advisory services are designed to provide a roadmap to help your organization focus on building an effective cyber program to defend against the threats of today and tomorrow. This allows you to focus on projects that will improve your cyber capabilities over the next 12 to 18 months. Our services range from seven-point cybersecurity assessments to specific projects such as incident response planning and tabletop exercises, budgeting for cybersecurity, project management, business continuity plans (BCP) and disaster recovery plans (DRP), NIST implementations, and more.

Cyber assessment

Companies implement various administrative, physical, and technical controls to defend against cyberthreats and meet various industry standards (e.g., NIST) and regulatory requirements (e.g., FFIEC). Our cyber assessment services will evaluate the design and effectiveness of the controls you have in place and provide improvement recommendations. Our services include risk assessments, IT audits, user access reviews, and other assessment services.

Cyber assurance

Companies (i.e., service organizations) provide various technology and data processing services to their clients and customers. These users expect these service providers to protect their data against unauthorized disclosure or loss. Our cyber assurance services provide SOC examination reports and compliance assessments for PCI-DSS, HITRUST, ISO, and other data security and privacy regulations.

Cyber forensics

Companies recovering from a cyber incident require professional help to isolate or reduce the impact of a cyberattack. Our cyber forensic services are designed to assist clients in responding and recovering from a cyberattack. Our experts will also assist in maintaining chain of custody for insurance or litigation matters. Our team will offer expert guidance and follow a comprehensive six-step approach to incident response to manage any incident related to a breach of information security.

Cyber lab

Companies have evolved from just needing annual penetration testing or vulnerability scanning of their networks. Today, organizations are testing their product solutions or even their internal IT or cybersecurity team to test their ability to defend against threats. Our cyber lab service provides a physical lab environment to perform more frequent testing of IT infrastructure and the security of their products and devices. In our cyber lab, our professionals host red-team, blue-team training exercises and provide a sandbox for you to test systems that can’t be safely or effectively tested in a live environment.

Cyber solutions

Cyber solutions are a fast-growing area in defending against cyberthreats. These solutions range from simple activity log analysis to active defense technologies. Unfortunately, the available cybersecurity tools don’t integrate seamlessly or have effective dashboards. Our cyber solutions services are designed to assist you in navigating the solutions market to select and integrate the right tools for your organization and developing custom dashboards to interpret the data.

Cybersecurity is a business issue, not an IT issue. Assuming your IT team has it covered will only multiply your vulnerabilities. Collaboration is key.

Assess these seven risk areas to avoid a cybersecurity incident

Client Experience

People come first

People. Process. Technology. There’s a reason people come first. Our cyber team — touching every industry — is composed of process and technology experts. But it’s our people who can offer your people the peace of mind they depend on.

For nearly 30 years, we’ve been building lasting relationships — with each other and with our clients. Our experts take the time to understand your processes and your systems. This means we do more than protect you from the threats you’re aware of. By taking a holistic view of your organization, we protect you from the threats you haven’t even considered. 

Our clients say

We began using Plante Moran’s IT security consultants on a SAS 70 project (now called SOC) shortly after we started our company. Their consultants gained our trust and we have used them on SOC projects each year since. We have expanded our relationship with Plante Moran over the years and have worked with them on various network Security, audit, & tax projects as well. Plante Moran’s teams are professional and thorough and we enjoy working with them.

Matthias Horch
Co-founder, Secure-24